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Headset recos?


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Thanks to the end times, I'm playing casual CS:GO on my Mac (yes, still and no, I don't care) and just got an Xbox One to play with my nephew.

I'd like to get a headset that: 

  • works for both Xbox (3.5mm or wifi) and Mac (3.5 or USB or BT)
  • under $100
  • won't get me humiliated for crappy sound (mic or speakers)

Should I get the Steelseries Arctis 3, the HyperX Cloud (or Cloud II), or something else? 

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Knowing Steelseries, the Arctis 3 should be pretty good.  I've used the Arctis 5 and the only real difference between the 2 headsets would be the connection input (analog vs USB/analog).  Offers good sound too.  All headset mics leave something to be desired though.  Don't think you'll get any in-game audio bleeding into the mic...at least I never had that issue when I used it on my computer.  The headset itself felt pretty solid and didn't feel cheap.

Never used the HyperX one, but I heard good things about it.

Probably a tossup to be honest.

(lot of help i was...)

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