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  1. Thanks to the end times, I'm playing casual CS:GO on my Mac (yes, still and no, I don't care) and just got an Xbox One to play with my nephew. I'd like to get a headset that: works for both Xbox (3.5mm or wifi) and Mac (3.5 or USB or BT) under $100 won't get me humiliated for crappy sound (mic or speakers) Should I get the Steelseries Arctis 3, the HyperX Cloud (or Cloud II), or something else?
  2. american dream is a masterpiece. this song is a terrible single, but is the apex of the album when played in its entirety.
  3. I've been around these parts for a while. I don't know much about whatever the drama of the month is, but I've seen enough to know it's never really that different. We had a firm no swearing policy back in the day. It wasn't because we were offended by it, it's because there's an interesting side effect when you don't allow it: people that aren't mature enough to respect it got banned, people that were mature enough to respect it valued the atmosphere it created. No one ever got paid to run this community. It's always been a labor of love. If you want to argue, attack or debate how we do things, it's really easy to go spin up a server.
  4. sorry about the power, but thanks for buying me another day. i didn't get my keepers set until just now. thanks for taking the reigns fk!
  5. 1. yes, once. this one might make twice. 2. i might be able to rustle up one more person at work. we're at 7 now, yeah? 3. sure?
  6. turns out starting a new product group in an existing company is pretty demanding im looking forward to playing, but my brain is mush and not operating at a commissioner level. you seem to have a better grip on it.
  7. invites sent multiple times shareable link for the bodies you find - https://yho.com/nhl?l=66785&k=78b1d54ba994cba7&soc_trk=lnk&ikey=d70a9db6300be917
  8. that metal back is too sexy i only need to plug it in for 15 minutes too so
  9. you're probably one of those people that has more than 1 tab open at any given time what's wrong with you people
  10. I'd say 60% of my music is listened to on my laptop, 40% on my phone (car, working out, etc.). I don't mind G Music in my phone, but I can't get used to the idea of using a browser on my laptop for music. ...but you're not talking to me
  11. Anyone have any other people they can pull in? We're pretty thin...
  12. I've tried switching away from iOS to Android 4 times. I've always come back to iOS. Android isn't terrible, but I got accustomed to iOS and realized it's harder to switch than I thought. It's nuts how expensive these things are getting, though.
  13. it is done, it's just in the upside down place
  14. nice! i didn't realize there was a new album out, let alone a stream of it. checking that out this afternoon. i'm a bit embarrassed to say it, but stranger things (netflix - watch it if you haven't) sent me back. been listening to A LOT of timecop1983 thanks to it. ps, get chance on the radio - http://rapperradio.com/ pps, i'm surprising the lady with a trip to sf to see chance with francis & the lights
  15. You're probably having a profound impact on his life -- as exhausting as it may be. If you have some spare time, I recommend giving Wizard Mode a chance. It's a documentary about a world pinball champion...who also has autism.
  16. There's way too much charcoal in that first picture. Both reek like charcoal lighter fluid. Nice racks, though.
  17. ICYMI https://soundcloud.com/chancetherapper/sets/coloring-book
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