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my old friend maestro

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I have supported and defended you so hard and so much  - much to the detriment of myself being abused by members complaining that I wouldn't go against you and calling it 'favouritism'.  I have always respected you and thought that you were not just a good friend here, but someone who could uphold GC standards and make this a better server.  It was not my doing - I had no choice in what went on - I defended you as much as I could, and now I think you're looking at someone to blame and I'm the easy one because I will let you do that without any discourse or remorse, not because as you think 'I went against you' as you implied in game, and that's what upset so much, it made me feel so sad I had to leave; and if that was your sole intention, then you succeeded.

In all sincerity, and I mean this speaking as a composer, the sadness that you made me feel has brought on an emotional turmoil within myself that I've never experienced before, that there are no words to express this sadness I feel.  Do you really think afterall these years I wouldn't support you as much as I could?  And in that regard I have to thank you for this emotion I've never felt before as it brings forth a new composition in order to deal with this turmoil you have put upon me.

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