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    I second this, it's almost without hesitation sometimes and I believe it could've been handled differently. There are other commands for this reasoning perma-bands should be used as a last resort imo otherwise we never give new players a chance to fill the server. He tried to come back into the game right after (possibly to apologize) but couldn't. Also, if someone asks reasoning for a kick or ban there should be a legitimate reasoning and spoken with professionality from an admin if asked. This shouldn't be a dictatorship where one person holds all the power and say when people pay for this server.
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    Okay, so I don’t normally get involved with nonsense like this, but I felt like this could have been handled a lot better. (I wasn’t sure where to post this; whether in L4D2 general, or the ban appeal; so apologies in advance. Please move the thread if need be!) We were playing the subway map of no mercy tonight, and my team had just finished their survivor round and made it to the saferoom with relative ease. Player Sigma Grey Wolf is on the other team, and about to take their turn, when he decides to voice his frustration/opinion and says “this server blows”. Almost immediately following, Mercman permanently bans the guy (as seen here). There was no warning for having a negative opinion. There was no “hey, you know you can play elsewhere if you don’t like the server” remark from anyone. Not even a simple kick. Just an instant perma ban. I’m sorry, but what? This was a total overreaction to the situation. And I know I’m not the only one who thinks this. What happened to warning players? Or simply kicking them? I’ve seen both members and non-members get away with a lot worse without so much as a blink in their direction from admins. But if someone comes onto the server and has one small, negative remark about the server, it’s justified to perma ban them? That's some backwards logic if you ask me. I have nothing against any of the admin, Mercman included (and I don't want to cause drama/problems/etc with anyone). What I have an issue with is unfair/unjust banning of a player over something so miniscule. So I guess this is my attempt to get Sigma's ban lifted?
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    Look, I know some people get relatively serious when they play on GC and take their gameplay competitively, but considering how intolerant swearing is on this server, I'd like to point out that ADMINS need to ALSO abide to the same RULES that this server entails. Without specifically pointing out names, admins in general shouldn't have the ability to drop f-bombs on the mic for all to hear, and then without hesitation kick a new player for typing donkey in the message chat without warning. This obviously goes for all members in general, to abide by the swearing rules. But considering I can name at least 8 times this months hearing swearing on the mic from DIFFERENT admins, I felt that it needed to be spoken up about. It actually takes more effort to use the push to talk button and swear, than to just not swear to begin with. I won't post something without a video evidence so here is one but I am not trying to target this specific admin I really want everyone to just get along while following rules, and I enjoy playing with all the admins and members here, https://clips.twitch.tv/BadCloudyGarlicDancingBanana
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    Not a new player had been banned b4 Not the first time somebody has been banned for saying negative things a bout the server. And You want Joda to be an admin LOL Some body who doesnt do poop He doesnt do anything but self serving things Then why didnt you do ANYTHING then Joda Good luck with having JODA as an admin Do nothing admin just like MENG And if he wanted he could have come in and appealed it