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  1. Nail their family jewels to a wooden post ( such as a telephone pole), light it on fire, hand them a butter knife, walk away. Doesnt really matter what happens next, does it?
  2. P4 2.8 1 gig 333 GF 4 ti 4600- 128 avg fps. 83.64 ! 1 prob...invisible guy couldnt be drawn with these settings..usually see him tho He was a white cutout
  3. Sorry Sho...tried to post this earlier but these wonderful winter storms crapped out my connex as I was finishing this post. Its from Tues night. You were asking for germkillers id# for the TKs....here it is # 885 "germkiller" STEAM_0:1:6207218 01:34 137 0 active BTW..I logged off of Tem server..... the TKs were getting ridiculous. It got to the point I verbally went off on one guy ( no swearing...just told him off), and germkiller I popped in the head for TW me. I had just had enuff. Yes, I know youre not supposed to tk back and let gcs handle it, but there was none present (admin status) after sho left, and I called for console several times. So, at least a pop in the nug shut him up for a bit
  4. On Tem server, I was is 40 something place. After another day of pretty good playing, I dropped to place 670! What makes even less sense is my kill ratio went up by about .3 AND I won the week award for most bombs defused. But I dropped over 600 positions? edit: I also noticed that there are 5 people in the top 25 with kills in the 50s or less. It seems by this that the best way to get a good ranking is to join the team with the highest score and spawncamp. You dont really need to shoot anybody really. I dont get it Thx!
  5. oh yeah...was gonna post this earlier. Dunno if you already got him # 651 "Cake Boy" STEAM_0:1:2088222 08:44 195 0 active that was him
  6. it was fun! knife bridge... If there isnt someone there to play with grav n stuff= BORING. I think that car map and the ... the one with the walls all over the place that was nadespam -- those two wouldnt really work with 30 people that dont all play together/ know each other....ie: theyd leave But the other maps I liked for general play. Might I suggest keeping the times real short so the rest of the players dont split?
  7. yep..... and the Bans were flowing for a bit too LoL. But it ended well, thats what matters. I was hoping you guys would do this soon!!
  8. is it jsut me, or does EVERYONE with the word Rabbit or Bunny in there name eventually need to be banned?
  9. recrud is about to crash right now.... it was 10:10 am when I left. a player left ct team to be replaced by bots. a minute later someone left T team right at the beginning of the round.....bots started to spasm and bog out the server. Im guessing it has to do with a real player disconnecting right at the beginning of a new round.
  10. Both servers seem to be down this morning. Same problem? Or a new one? Couldnt find any postings on it. Any ideas on when they go back up? Thx! edit: Forgot to add..... Is there a pub or clan server I can find most of us congregating in when this kind of thing happens?
  11. Ive been thinking about posting something similar. Ive noticed a fewer number of GCs on the server, and an even smaller number of those that can kick/ban. This has led to some AWFUL playing times. I think that when there is no authority around, its even worse than your standard pub server. I dunno...maybe the language filter provokes them or something. But its been pretty bad on occasion lately. Still love the servers of course, and it doesnt happen when someone is around., but I actually had to LEAVE the GC servers and go play some pubs so I would stop being called a F*G and Tkd by a couple kids round after round. Then the team wounding, and the Mic spam!....Wow its gotten bad! This isnt really a whine post, but if this is happening when you guys Arent there, how else would you know about it if we dont post it? So, theres my 2 cents. Spend it as you will
  12. Looks good!! How'd it play? Balance wise?
  13. it just says terrorists when. You only see the message when time runs out. Im about 95% sure.
  14. OOOOokk. We have several very definite but different answers. LoL. I had noticed that quite a few times I had been kicked after and hour or more playing even tho several new people logged in while I was playing. Thats why I made the post....I thought it was by time ( other than the obvious filling-the-last-spot I mean), but was glitching out. As far as getting a .gc on my name.....I knew that one was coming. Im working on it
  15. How does it select for the auto kick for reserved slot? I thought it was last conencted, but Ive seen many times where I get kicked but receently joined people havent. Is it random? Or Alphabetical? Would it help to put something in front of my name?
  16. any GCs care to stop in mayhem and regulate? Got one auto ban, but its taking too long...got quite a few TKers and etc thx if you are around
  17. jsut double checked in steampowered. Other people having similar probs. BTW when I connect and open console, its says build 2293 server number ??..... I know the new build for css is 2294 ( not 3) is this referring to MY version or the servers? If its mine, steam wont updat anymore after the oen I got last night. If its the servers version, perhaps they need updated again? GGs Cya
  18. Its still happening when I try to log onto the GC servers. I cant connect because of different version. HOWEVER, it Works when I use my other game browser to connect. It sounds like a lot of people are having the same problem. I use All Seeing Eye. Its free n handy n stuff. And for the moment at least, you can connect with it! I have no idea why this works, there must be something wrong with the way CSS connects, because its not the game itself. It was just bought out by Yahoo, but no changes have happened to it. Heres a link to ASE if you need it. I use it for all of my games, but even if you dont want it, at least it gets you onto the server for now. All Seeing Eye
  19. If it still doesnt work for any of you, I used a game browser to finally get in. Dunno why it worked, but it did. It was All Seeing Eye.
  20. I can connect to almost any server, but when I try to connect to the GC servers it says [TEMP] server version does not match your version please restart the game. I have, and steam as well. I see people playing there, and the servers are apparantly working, but I cant conn to either of them but other servers work fine. Whats up? I got this message on one other server when I was going around connecting randomly.
  21. this makes me wonder even more about something Ive seen before on console. On joining some servers I get a console message saying cheats not allowed unless server is set to cheats 1 or something like that. Not always tho. Also, I was auto kicked froma server once for a "cheat"...didnt understand it but it had something to do with sight distance or fog distance...dont remember which. Is this something that a lot of people have had happen? Or is there something in my config I need to change? Any input would be cool. Thx!
  22. Hmm. I disagree. If you are planning a rush, or trying to, those few seconds are precious. In a rush scenario this would give the team that won the last round (which presumes that there are naturally more survivors with weapons on that team of course) another large advantage. Some maps make this rush a major part of the play style as we all know. Those few seconds ( say 2 secs for many of us, up to 5 for those unfamiliar with buying that way) could potentially change the entire play style of the map. At the very least, allow one team or another to get much further than it used to as far as rush meets. You really wanna stall the rush to B while the new guy with the bomb is looking for "Primary Ammo" still? Just more thoughts from the peanut gallery
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