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  1. Thanks again!! I received it on Friday. The board is a little awkward to type on but I am sure I can get used to it. I may have to go purchase the BF2 key layout. Only $20. Thanks!!!
  2. Sweeeeeetness! I won a keyboard! Sorry I havn't seen this earlier. Life has been busy lately. I have sent my mailing details to the man with the loot. Thanks!!!!!!
  3. I was just talking about getting lunch there last night!!! Thai-9 has the best sushi in Dayton!!! Too bad we missed each other. Myself, Chewy, and Halo5 are all from Dayton. Chewy works right down the street and we could have had him pour a couple pints for us. Ahhh well. Maybe PM me next time you are in town and we can throw back some spicy tuna rolls. MAN...now I am drooling! BTW.... I am the guy that got lots of funny looks because I roll my own smokes. We talked briefly about your wifes catering business and me working for Usenet...if that helps put a name with the face. Nice meeting ya man and take care!
  4. Thanks for everything Fatty!!! Pulling everything together like you do always impresses. I think I even saw you gaming for a brief moment! Having more helpers next year may mean that you can even *gasp* relax for a few!
  5. Well I had an absolute blast again. There were a lot of improvements from last year and I am sure next year will have even more. I hate to say it but I would also agree to the gamers under 18 needing an adult gaming guardian. I can only think of a few moments where I was truely annoyed but needless to say it took a little away from my experience. Names need not be mentioned as they already have in previous threads. Mav's son was an absolute gentleman and I hope he had a blast! I was able to have a few words with him in the mens room. I forget exactly what he said but I walked away laughing! The two biggest improvements would be the food organizing and the network issues. The 3 amigos from Dayton thought there was time left in the poker tourny to grab a bite to eat. Well.....we missed the picts. I realize there were mostly CS players but more than a handful expressed an interest in BF2. We just couldn't seem to get the issues worked out and BF2 is not much fun 2 -vs- 2. (Sorry if I beat up on ya Ebil! At least you stuck around for a while.) I look forward to next year and meeting more new faces. GC is certainly one of the best run communities out there and it shows at FF. The hard work by all is appreciated and makes for some great fragging.
  6. I came last year with Chewy but have been lame and not been around these forums much. I kind of switched gears as far as gaming and now play BF2 almost exclusively. I will however fire up some Source and get my skillz back. I hope. I will most definately make it again this year. I had a blast last year...but please keep me away from anything stronger than my beloved beers. Count me and Chewy in. Will send payment asap.
  7. Scan the area first to avoid fraggin an entire squad!! I had planned on getting in but the daughter is cutting her back teeth. With the screaming and all it is way more fun than a silly video game.
  8. A zip file would be sooo nice. I spent the better part of a couple hours saving some picts. I know better than to ask for FTP access to the FF05 folder (if you could have even just pw protected the single directory). Nice to also know what happened to the site. I though you guys had done something crazy like change the name servers. I could get there eventually at work but not at home until Wed. or Thurs. I think. Good luck doctor on getting that array rebuilt!!! Remember to scrub in and wear a mask!!
  9. LOL!!! I thought it was odd saying my game name...but you are right. I thought people were confusing me with Bruce Willas all weekand!!
  10. Aww shucks...happy belated Duke. Just think of this as your Bday week!
  11. Can you imagine the tension they are going through? These are very brave people we have up there. They have trained hard to prevent the type of accident that took place from happening again..but to have that in the back of your head the entire time? Wow...
  12. Pretty sure we would all have those red eyes from the amount of time he sat at his box running the tourney on Sat. And then trying to play in a match during the middle? Fogetaboutit!! My attention span is too short as it is!!
  13. WOW! What a trip you have had. Glad to see you have FINALLY made it home safe and sound. Sheeesh...after the extra $$$ for car repair and hotel rooms - maybe fly next year?? Rest up as I am sure you well deserve it. You and Rashad took some great picts at FF!!
  14. This game is even more fun when the server is geared toward a friendly enviroment that promotes teamwork. And a lot of times that comes from servers that are unranked and people are not worried about "unlocks" and "ranks". I have to admit my skills at FF for CSS were rusty due to this game. It has swallowed me whole! If anyone wants to meetup for an evening of mass fun..Pm me..some of the squad leaders where I play have RL experience in the Forces. Talk about some intense gaming!!
  15. 363...(sorry I was the slacker that woke up so late)
  16. I wanted to start a official thank you thread...but Red beat me to it with the Thanks title. I would also like to thank Fatty and all the staff that made this event happen. I know it took many hours of planning to get this orginized!!! Must be nice to all of you that were able to nap...the wifey put me in charge of child duty the moment I got home...it is ok..I missed her so much.. A few picts I put on my FTP.. Sorry for the small size Fatty...can I borrow the hot blond that I saw with your kids? I assume she was the sitter..
  17. Why would you make it the last? Would it be because you rolled with all the loot from the poker game? You actually got paid to attend!! Man...those shots we were doing last night sure hurt this morning!!
  18. Hey Batman!! I just got in as well. Chewy almost got us pulled over a few times with his lead foot but all is well. I had a great time meeting everyone as well - will be there for FF06 for sure!
  19. All your beers are belong to room 176! mmmmmmmmm.... Is it 4 yet????
  20. We are here!!!! Now to wait until 4 for registration...I do believe you can find myself and Chewy at da' bar here shortly.
  21. Chewy got the ride and is on his way over now. We are rolling out!! See you all soon!!! Packed up!!
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