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  1. Mini_Me


    That’s all.
  2. please join if interested - need a few more teams. thanks https://yho.com/mlb?l=59107&k=1601de50e010983f&ikey=e7ff014108428856
  3. whoop. tee time 1030 w/ wife then headed out!
  4. 6 year old doesnt play anymore. close to 600 in stuff - asking 250 obo link to cl ad
  5. thanks! let me know if my 6 year old causes any trouble.
  6. can you add: timohminecraft please
  7. will try to attend as well....thanks Fatty for the heads up as I just heard about this!
  8. had a prearranged family vacation that weekend/week so would/will not be able to attend :-(
  9. agree! and a further reason to join....someone to actually cheer for!
  10. would Johnson City, TN be too far for you ZD? if not shoot me a PM plz
  11. http://baseball.fantasysports.yahoo.com/b1 League ID# and Password. In your case, the ID# is 91975 and the Password is gcftw. no cost...compete against other GC!
  12. grrr to J-6! congrats on win!
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