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  1. Ban Request as of 7 oclock Friday AJDAR ANIK" STEAM_0:0:12680548 08:35 61 0 active tking and remarks are not welcome....Please ban, I know a few more people are going to post so i figured might as well do it...thank you. Other gc members were in also to back me up ... Thank you Chester Banned
  2. Chester


    Well here in Niagara Falls Ontario Canada I have yet to see any snow. Every day it rains but its mostly around 16-20 degrees. Not cold yet but soon the beautiful white stuff will be falling. I CANT WAIT. who cares about sunny tampa lol im moving to NUNIVUT lol.
  3. Saturday, January 29, 2067 Seconds left to live... 1,904,126,811 hmmm thats alright i guess.... alot more of time to play counter strike than most people lol
  4. lol well at least ur busy anonymo im active on forums and my computer is in the storage shed lol.... talking on forums and seeing how much fun everyone is playing the game while i havent seen dust in a long time lol.... talk about withdrawls....
  5. Well i agree giving them to the people who got a subscription oh wait thats me lol. Hey fatty i was just wondering if Mini Me got the paper so i can get the subscription?... anywho whatever you guys do is cool by me
  6. Chester


    lol djojo lol No comment that was priceless almost has bad a diver into the garbage bin... lol Good times
  7. Wow...Thats all I really have to say...If i knew it would be this much fun beating Lobo out of Poker I would of came last year lol. All and All Congrats to Fatty and the Staff for FF you guys should pat urselves on the back u guys really went all out and did an amazing job. Im gonna have to say though to Dingy i am gonna miss u shooting me down in the helicopter though... *Tear anywho it was a blast meeting everyone and putting a face to who i like to kill so much . Im going back to alberta tomarrow so FF was the last time i would be playing for quite a long time so hopefully everyone who was there this year will come back next year. Game Hard and Have Fun Canadian Out...
  8. ya uhm i didnt check yet so making this post might be a dumb idea but other than a mic and steam login stuff do i need anything else? ie keyboard and or mouse?
  9. Were meeting at the Mcdonalds right up the road from the Mall. uhm there is only 1 Mcdonalds near there so if u pick the wrong one ur way out of the area lol. uhm its right off the high way. ok so we will meet u there say around 20 to the hour? uhm wayfarer should be there around 8ish so earlier just in case hes early so he doesnt have to wait. ok good so if there is any problems scuba or is ur real name dan? uhm i will pm u my phone number if there is any problems.
  10. lol awww ebil im lost to dont feel bad lol. ... ... *Gives ebil 3 Carrots not 2 or 1 a whole 3*
  11. ok Scuba i will be in Niagara Falls on Thursday all day so if u want to call me or leave a message we can meet up for lunch or something or just be ready at around 730 in the morning and someone will pick u up i dont know if were taking a cab most likley so ya uhm ok than i will see ya than. uhm It is the travellodge on Cliffton hill we will be there at the front office at 730 so if u wanna meet us there thats cool
  12. We will be getting picked up at the Niagara Square uhm im calling wayfarer in like literally 20 minutes so i will know everything and im sending him a map quest of everything. so we will know everything within a few days
  13. im in for taking all ur money lol. just kidding but serioulsy if there is a spot open count me in .
  14. lol thanks... i did pm u alot man lol. uhm u can call me if u want and my real name is Chris. uhm ya call me anytime before uhm 5 ur time cause i work every day at 4 here which is 2 hours different. uhm all i really need to know is if u know where the Niagara square is if ur gonna pick us up there or where u want . i just would like to get everything done u know what i mean?. anywho call me if u want or pm ur phone number so that cause i have a phone card. Cool Thanks See ya soon
  15. Hey way or Anomono if u want call me my number here is *** *** **** uhm call me anytime before 5 ur time because its 2 hours difference. uhm get a 5 dollar cici card or internation phone card and i will give u the 5 dollars when i see u, just so we know whats going on and if there is any changes ok. cool have a good night.
  16. Hey everyone. uhm ya wayfarer i hope u got my pms about everything. I cant wait till i get to see everyone. uhm wayfarer if u wanna send me ur phone number i can call u from Alberta and we can finalize everything. cant wait message me back asap ok...Cool thanks. hey i just seen i was at 99 so i wanna make it a even 100 lol cool see ya guys soon
  17. Ya I want to reserve one...So can u add me to the list bubblegum? uhm an i pay once im there? That would be great thanks.
  18. Well since my post was in the other one its my bad but ya were in alberta so if he wanted to take a road trip down to Calgary we could fly out all together kinda deal
  19. Chester


    lol it was meant to be in the Canadian one my mistake.....lol its this Altidude im telling u lol.
  20. ok im not sure if someone already said this but am i able to pay for the computer when i get there? or do i have to send trhough paypal?
  21. Chester


    Hey myself and Chamberlain are in Lake Louise Alberta kinda not that close to Edmonton but we are like 3 hours away i think. Uhm Were flying to Pearson the day before to visit family and poop and than going to FF than flying back...THESE MOUNTAINS ARE AMAZING>...GREETINGS FROM THE OTHER SIDE OF CANADA lol....
  22. Anyone know what that means? did someone steam my id? like what does it mean? I checked steam support but that is well useless.
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