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  1. I am flashing from CyanogenMod to 6.0.0 on my G1 and am having some problems. The phone is obviously unlocked and has root access. Nandroid is installed and I know how to install the required radio update, google add-ons, and the ROM. But I can only find cryptic instructions on how to install Amon_RA's recovery image and I've never done a fastboot. Does anybody know how to install RA-dream's recovery and do a fastboot?
  2. Meh, it looked the same going in as it did coming out. The only difference was the smell of burning solder. I guess I could set up a smell-o-vision...
  3. After some research it seems the cards that have the most success with this are cards that usually ran very hot. Before this my card ran at 70C idle and 85C with load at 100% fan speed. More good news is that after putting on my own thermal paste and putting the fan speed at 100%, the idle temp went down to 60C.
  4. QFT. I think the term everyone is throwing around is micro-fractures. I honestly had no idea what I was doing but it was worth a shot. And now its 2 days going strong with no problems! PROPS TO RENEGADE! I found the old post and he recommended this to me.
  5. My old MSI 8800 GTS OC was crashing and freezing my operating system. I heard from here that baking your video card in an oven is an option. I had nothing to lose because the card was unusable and I didn't think it was going to work but... it actually did. I took off my heat sink, removed the old thermal tape, put it in the oven with the GPU facing up, and let it bake at 350 degrees for 10 minutes. I put on fresh thermal gel and remounted the heat sink and it works like new. So if you have an old card laying around that doesn't work, try it out and post your results!
  6. Ouch sorry to hear... Hope you make it to FL okay! The plan was to have the owner of the car to have it fixed before I went. He's not going to have it fixed until almost the 4th of July.
  7. So... you can remove me from the events. The ride I was planning to drive has serious mechanical problems that needs funds greater that is in my bank account. It will be another month before the funds are available to fix it so once again, I will not be attending
  8. I lol'd after 'its way better than a smart phone.'
  9. You never will, for he is fictional. Bunneh, you can take off the (Spectator) tag for golf. I will be playing. You can also put me down for setup.
  10. room offer still open? Ditto
  11. I will be arriving Wednesday evening-ish. It really depends on how the traffic is through Chicago. Put me down for Fatty's on Wednesday and golfing/setup on Thursday. Even though I won't be gaming, I still want to help set up.
  12. I'm going to play this weekend.
  13. She did, you never showed. We had pie. You made me rage.
  14. Thanks! I did not have a star wars theme party. I was really counting on you to throw me that star wars party bunneh. You let me down.
  15. I didn't get the GC newsletter. I only found out about this now... I feel like Anonymo did 4 months ago, speechless.
  16. Formatted drive Installed W7 Installed new Nvidia drivers Failed 8800GTS OC Installed 8800GTX OC (Did NOT uninstall old drivers) Installed new Nvidia drivers Started having problems And its running at 60C. 55C is the standard temp. I'm trying NorgmaN's recommendation now.
  17. Agree on both counts. It reminds me of tv shows where they bleep out the person's name. I like to think they're named after a swear. It certainly is odd. I feel like my computer is censoring me... I did format my HD before the OS install. BUT it was windows 7's version of a format. Meaning, all of the information just got a flipped bit and was "deleted". Now that I think of it, I didn't remove the old drivers before installing the new ones... What is that program that clears out old drivers and the old cache? I'm thinking that is it.
  18. I know several graphics cards that run at 90 Celsius under load. I don't think that is your issue. If you think its the GPU doing it, stick your computer in the window. Its still cold enough that it will cool your computer to around 50 Celsius. If your computer still cuts to 30 fps, then its not your GPU. I'm with anonymo on this one.
  19. So after having the old video card problem, I upgraded to a 8800GTX OC. Soon after this started happening. Random things within menu's, clocks, excel cells, and others will load only a black or gray box. Any ideas?
  20. Edit: my graphics card did not have this driver. It would have explained it though . http://www.engadget.com/2010/03/05/nvidia-pulls-196-75-driver-amid-reports-its-frying-graphics-car/
  21. You may not have to do both struts now but take it from me and my 1998 Buick Regal GS; if you replace one now, several years down the line, the car will be tilted. Especially since one strut will have 80k more miles on it.
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