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  1. yes, FPSA doesn't have a server yet, so i will still play at immutable alot
  2. thx rogue, i will be around as [FPS ACADEMY] §ilo™ and i will miss ya too ric3
  3. hey guys, turns out my old clan leader is starting up a new clan, and i have been down with him from the start. At NO disrespect to tWc, because you guys are great. especially yao and ric3. i will be around every once in awhile to spar with you guys. But i am no longer able to go for tWc. sry guys cya around -Jon- -Silo-
  4. lol i think that is what you are talking about lets get a fish on a bicycle
  5. the "find a camp" doesn't work for me ? i will try tomorrow, and if not i will ask some to look for me thx again fatty
  6. cool, i will be looking around
  7. how bout in pasadena? i am sure they have a couple halls open for public use, i know they do have one at my old school in arcadia....... lol trying to get it close to my area, but still in a good area well yea the school is Annunciation Catholic School. in arcadia or monrovia. just a suggestion
  8. NOOOOO! i missed it. I DEMAND WE START UP ANOTHER DONATION POT SO THAT I CAN JOIN IN TOO! lol j/k... sry guys, maybe i can help with the donation next year. or any other upcomming events. On the other hand. GJ GC! i am very very happy to hear that atleast 1200 dollars was raised. and am this |---------------------------------------------------------------------| much happier about being part of gc!. Oh and fatty is there a way that i can become a camp aid or counselor? only 15 but i am a boy scout and have worked in a week long summer camp so not completely new to the whole caring for others
  9. lets do it in south so i can try to get there. being that i am only 15, i can't really travel, and definietly not for gaming =(. welll good louck with the voting
  10. hey guys i don't really know what happened. I hope i wasn't forgotten. i put an app in to join the team between 1 or 2 months ago but i haven't been saying much or asking much about it because i didn't want to look like i was rushing the process. but i would still like to join tWc and i have been playing regularly with you guys on the westcoast server. _§ilo™_ -Jon-
  11. LOL i said i get your 6 and you get your 12 lol. as for the others, i am only working part time and i love yaoski too!
  12. yay i am not the only scout on the gc forums =)
  13. ok thanx Replacing tide with contra i am hoping =)
  14. How do you turn off hdr lighting? an no matter the map cycle, i will always play on the GC servers
  15. Silo

    CS Bug

    oh ok thanks for the help and info.. k-wix >> i don't think the armor and helmet helps so much against bullets but more on the line of explosions and knives....i think? someone correct me if i am wrong
  16. hey can we add. de_inca? or de_inca_beta sry i can't find any screenshots. but it is really fun
  17. 2 words.................MORE CONTRA! oh and if you would be so kind as to replace the de_dust, that is on the current server with the crazy lighting, with the original de_dust, that has the original lighting. I know it is not just me because whenever we are there, there are always a few complaints about how some can't play, or dislike playing with the new lighting Thanx
  18. Silo

    CS Bug

    yea i don't quite understand what you are saying? do you mean that you need a $1000 dollars to refill the armor status to full? or are you talking about some money glitch when you buy armor than then the helmet?
  19. you lied to me? but why?
  20. sry to hear that sir.
  21. Best part was when he did the vanilla ice into mc hammer
  22. Oooh mind if I quote that and use that to help get my friends involved with CSS? Yea no priblem man, Just be sure to tell them that §ilo™ (That's Me) wrote it
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