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  1. jiffy u play on steam? wth lol add me to friends. I'm borned
  2. A bunch of us from another community are going to be playing this when it's released. Anyone around here plan on playing? Star Wars the Old Republic. 2010 i think.
  3. Kenger

    Fable 2

    Comes out October 17th or 19th i think? Anyone else preorder it or plan to get it? Loved fable 1 hope this one lives up to what the first was.
  4. played it and beat it in a day :-/ about 8 hours of playing nonstop. While the story was good, hated the ending but I guess thats the way it goes if its between movie 3 and 4... cant have the Emperor and Vader die eh? The story was nice, I enjoyed it. Gave me that piece between movies 3 and 4 on what exactly happened events wise. However you never hear about the guy and such in the rest of the movies, if he is truley who he is he should have been mentioned and why doesnt he have more of an effect on Luke if he truly is strong enough to kill the emperor and anakin... And last part what happened to the blind jedi? Would be interesting story line how he fell, because im under the assumption that in movie 4 the only jedi's left are the two siths and obi-one and yoda. Game itself is pretty good, hated the star destroyer part took me about 30 minutes to figure out the game is actually bugged and you need to ignore the controls its telling you. The light saber colors are neat, I got a dark sith robe in the second level but after that level i was never able to wear it again :-/ The jedi robes on last level are very very nice, better then anything kotor had. Needs more and more and more force powers, this was suppose to be the game that unleashed everything, it was very minute. Looks like they left out about 80% of what they should have included. The environment was nice, cutting down trees and using grip, but it was the same stuff over and over. I never was able to figure out how to deflect force stuff like lightning and stuff being thrown at me :-/ either my reaction is slow or i just suck. The interactions were awesome, just wish the whole game was like that where you could do a sequence without having the game itself do it for you with u hitting one button here and there Hope they come out with more movies Still waiting for Kotor 3 as well
  5. send me an email and i will forward the email that blizzard sent me.. masheunit@yahoo.com
  6. anyone who nees one let me know. i have one.
  7. whats smb3? and im thinking about getting it also for the 360. is there any multi player stuff or is it all based like a rpg like kotor?
  8. im borne chaos chosen on Skull Throne.
  9. So tonight my guild (Eternal Chaos), Abyss friend and his, I'm just a poor officer type; We went deep into the world and got into a huge 25 - 30 vs match with the order. It was pretty on sided. The order kept near their town where the cannons and guards could hit us to keep us back. Was pretty boring for warriors and melee dps until someone came charging thru and they got taken down pretty fast. But before the whole standoff there was a lot of going back and forth between the capture points on each side. (This is the real world where people are questing and stuff.) There were people ranging from level 10 - level 16 was the highest i saw. But everyone was given the same hp as a level 18 so it was pretty fair. One of the most enjoyable things i have done in a long time, probably since the battles in hillsbrad foothills between the horde and alliance in the fields going back and forth between the two towns lol. Also found out tonight that we get mounts at level 20. Half way to the max level of 40. The Chaos mount, or chosen mount costs 15g. Not sure which it is exactly was just told "my" mount costs 15g while the disciple of khains was 30g. Economy ain't too bad, i have sold almost everything i have gotten and have made over 20g. A lot of it spent dying my armor and a little buying pvp gear. Will post again after i experience a little more. I'm now level 15 and 10 renown (Enforcer title)
  10. yep exactly way. I have done quite a few of the public quests now, think I'm done with chap 1-3,5 and almost 6. I have gotten a blue item, few greens and a purple from winning them. The biggest thing is you need to contribute to get the most points, then there is luck, when they roll the dice. And finally the point you earn is added to the roll. I'll be completely honest, if pvp isn't your thing i'd stick to WoW. If you enjoy the PVE you will never leave wow. Wow has the same thing going for it as EQ1 did. Everyone has massive time invested in their characters and a sense of accomplishment that they dont want to abandon. I can agree that you have spent a lot of time working on your character, but the whole purpose of the game was not to see who has the most possessions but to have fun and take some time out of the real world. But that's neither here nor there. WOW is a great game and is a bad game. It has its flaws it has its perks. But compared to every other games release post wow, warhammer is hands down the best. It's not even released yet and I think it can compete with EQ2 and if they can get a little more pve in i think it may start to drag a few of the smaller wow guys over, but i will never expect anyone who is deep into wow to abandon their characters and accounts for a game that doesn't offer pve. But remind you, wow never had pve (25-40man) content when it was released either. I'll try and point out some neat things in the game with the rest of this post if your still on the fence of even wanting to try this game: Guilds: - More then just a list of people who use gchat. They have levels. Guilds can specify tactics they use. They are given warbanners in pvp that people can run onto the battlefield with. Gives players buffs and etc much like a battle standard in wow. You can form an alliance with another guild. Guild banks, guild funds. You can tax guild members (not a good idea lol). Or people can set up to give the guild a % of the money they earn. The higher rank guild you are the more features and stronger you get in pvp. Citys: -Have rank as well. The higher your city rank the more things that are put into it. Rank increases with pvp, quests done etc same way that you can reveal content in wow during the sunwell release or whatever. Tradeskills: - Kind of lackluster here. I haven't done much with them. Savaging has made me over 4 gold thus far, going to pick up talisman making tonight since my armor all has slots for it and i get massive amounts of materials for it through savaging. (will edit post after i start actually tsin) Public Quests: -Usually marked on the map as a treasure box, group of people take on 3 tasks. first one is fairly easy usually a kill x amount of things or such. Second is another kill type thing but the mobs are champions (elite in wow). third is the main boss guy. Treasure is handed out at the end. Can be green,blue,purple bags. If you win you pick up a bag and select a loot from the various things inside. Usually 8 - 10 things. 1 armor or weapon piece that's the color of your bag. A green trade skill device. Some coin, trade skill materials. Along with public quests you are able to complete the book chapters. There is 3 levels 9700 influence total. Receive influence from doing public quests about that chapter. The three levels of the chapter give you various prizes, first is always a potion, second is usually a minor piece of loot, third is a better piece of loot. The rewards from the boxes in public quests is some of the best out there. PVP Rewards: -You get gear much like wows old system. You get to a certain renown (rank) and your able to buy gear. It is a combination of your level and your renown. You also can receive pvp rewards in scenarios or on the battlefields in the world. Characters you kill drop loot and coin, sometimes very nice stuff, sometimes a potion. PVP Battlegrounds: -Have done two so far, one is a cap the point type thing and wait until x faction has 500 points. Like AB in wow. You always start at one point tho so if you die you do have to run pretty far at times, makes the games closer and fairer. Second game is really weird and i still don't understand it. Seems you have to run on top of this mountain grab some scepter thing and then go to three other points and bonk trolls on the head or something while the other team tries to annihilate you. (which i pretty much did the whole time anyways) If you have any questions i can try and hook you up with answers. I haven't seen everything in the game and def wont with the level cap being 20 in open beta but next week ill be grinding out levels like crazy when they give us the headstart to get out of the noob areas before the release. It is very crowded in those areas and its like barrens chat 24/7
  11. I'm enjoying it. It needs work, but as far as comparing to other games released post wow-eq2 this is the best one out. If you want to pvp and have big wars i'd suggest this over wow anyday, but if u rather sit in a grp of 10 - 30 people to kill 1 guy for some purple pixels this isnt it. There is hardly any pve from what i see everything is based on a war between order and destruction. Gfx are decent armor is lacking a lot of flashy stuff like wow has, but it looks more authentic to a dungeons and dragons type game, can dye it colors and such. I really enjoy it
  12. I preordered from a local store. They give you a box with the codes you need, basically you still need to download online to play the beta and the game, but you can get the cds on the 18th from a local store. Haven't started playing yet. I think it will be nice, a change from wow lot of pvp so friends is very essential. If you want game specifics id aim yermoth3r, he got to play in the beta and thought it was pretty cool.
  13. A bunch of old dlm , doh guys are playing this when its released. yermothr, abyss, kurtz and kenger. Prolly im yermothr for most the info. He and abyss where both in the closed beta. Got my copy this evening and started downloading it, over 4 hour download so dont dwell on it if you want, also if you preorder you get a weeks worth of playing in before anyone can buy it at the store (won't be reset). plus u get to partake in a week and a half of open beta.
  14. BTW just to show u guys how involved this game is..... Bane raids 7 hours on saturday, 4pm to 11pm. plus 3 other days during the week. They have fridays and tuesdays off. And if they arent selected to raid they still have to sit on vent during the times incase they "need" them.
  15. Too bad they are probally losing the two best junior class receivers due to stupidity and thinking they will hit it big in the NFL.
  16. Kenger

    Penny Stocks

    my idea was actually buying and selling the penny stocks more frequently. like probally save a stock a few days see if it raises up. Even say a dollar or two dollars if i buy 50 shares for 5.00. i'll make 100 bucks. I dont know how that all works and was my main question. But also I'm def looking into buying more stable stocks for a retirement type plan, my main one atm is google, i have been watching them and the past two days they have raised 30 dollars per share, just wished i would have had some shares before they had released the information about developing new technology for cell phones. Anyways, Thanks for the input all
  17. Kenger

    Penny Stocks

    Hey guys i sorta got a better job then my usual part time job at college and am making quiet a bit more money and am looking into playing around with this option to make some money or bust. Anyone ever do it? I have heard about it when i was in service but never really followed up about it. If you do can u send me a pm or post here some useful sites to get started and read up on it? Any information is greatly appreciated. Thanks
  18. Open Box: ASUS M2N32-SLI Premium Vista Edition AM2 NVIDIA nForce 590 SLI MCP ATX AMD Motherboard Item #: N82E16813131163R Pioneer 18X DVD±R DVD Burner Beige E-IDE & ATAPI Model DVR-112D BG - OEM Item #: N82E16827129011 COOLER MASTER Stacker 830 Evolution RC-830-SSR3-GP Silver Aluminum ATX Full Tower Computer Case Real Power Pro 1000W Power Supply - Retail Item #: N82E16811119139 AMD Athlon 64 X2 6000+ Windsor 3.0GHz Socket AM2 Processor Model ADX6000CZBOX - Retail Item #: N82E16819103773 CORSAIR XMS2 2GB (2 x 1GB) 240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM DDR2 800 (PC2 6400) Dual Channel Kit Desktop Memory Model TWIN2X2048-6400C4DHX - Retail Item #: N82E16820145177 ViewSonic Optiquest Series Q20WB Black 20" 5ms DVI Widescreen LCD Monitor - Retail Item #: N82E16824116075 Microsoft Windows XP Professional 64Bit SP2C - OEM Item #: N82E16832116378 EVGA 640-P2-N821-AR GeForce 8800GTS 640MB 320-bit GDDR3 PCI Express x16 HDCP Ready SLI Supported Video Card - Retail Item #: N82E16814130071 Grand Total: $1,553.93 Whats the dif between 36 bit and 32 bit windows? Am i gonna be fine using 64 bit pro vs using 32 bit pro? I'm staying away from vista but i want to know if 64 bit is pretty updated and has the same amount of stuff as 32 bit now. Majority of the things I do is just play WOW and TF2. Ocassionally some other games. I'm keeping my same Hd's 2 74 gig raptors and a 250 gig storage drive. And i have a SB Audigy Sound card im gonna keep.
  19. I'm running an Asus A8n-sli mobo with a fx-53 processor with 1 gig of ram, but im having some serious problems all over the place. Toi start sometimes my bios freezes up after it lists my processor. When i reformatted and installed i had serious issues with the pc bogging down and taking over an hour to install windows. Now that its installed sometimes it takes forever and sometimes i cannot even wait for it to finish loading windows before i restart it. I get to the windows logo and sometimes it goes to a black screen, but sometimes it sits there for 3-5 minutes. Any information. my bios is 1103 i think. this is really upsetting me
  20. everyplace around here was out of game so i bought the digital download have another hour for download to get done... :-/ btw im exhaulted with scryer now and 600g richer haha. I'm going to make a Zarmar or some cat people Dread knight or Shaman, thinking im gonna go with the dread knight tho.
  21. Mine will be Borne, if i cant get it then kenger
  22. I'll buy it tomorrow and try to catch up. how long does it take to get to level 10 about a day or two?
  23. so u want a tank or a bard? im gonna play paladin / shadow knight / or a frutie bard who sings melodies.
  24. ill start playing, what classes are u three?
  25. I was actually really excited when Microsoft decided to back this game and provide funding, but i heard SOE took it over and decided it would go to crap like the other SOE games sadily this game could have been something else if the developers weren't lazy. I think EverQuest had a lot to do with corrupting the developers, but they were among the best in mmo backgrounds, but microsoft wanted something to compete with World of Warcraft so i can see why they stopped funding the game.
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