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  1. Affirmative. Also be aware that mani might not work either when it comes up...
  2. Also set up a rather plain server at if you guys need somewhere to play.
  3. Got the old server set up temporarily until they get the reg servers up
  4. Yeah it's been up since Wed. or so.
  5. In the meantime, what do you want me to setup #4 as? Stock? Scopeless? Awpless? Zombie? Deathmatch?
  6. I agree that the CS:S servers should only redirect to each other. Server #4 is really wacky, not from a gaming perspective but from an OS perspective too. A buddy is supposed to be hooking me up with some decent stuff to build a new one (Xeon processor, etc). Once ready we'll see how it performs and we can put whatever mod you guys feel we need on it.
  7. Yeah CPU usage seems to be minimal, we could probably try to run another server on a different port if you guys want to try something like that.
  8. Glad to be back peeps! I must say I'm impressed with how big the community has grown and I am proud to be a part of it again.
  9. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...gory=99970&rd=1
  10. What a rip off, I paid half that....wait....err... I mean what is that?
  11. Chicks dig the dome: http://www.astromech.net/Lists/Galleries/b...ery/default.htm
  12. R2Builders Club Because I run it
  13. Ok, I'll see if I can talk the Mrs. into letting me buy the game tonight and we'll see if the old bird will run it. If not I'll have to decide between the Ipod and a video card for Christmas :/
  14. I'm good, missed you guys too Still don't have a decent broadband connection for gaming so I've just been playing Battlefront in my spare time - which always seems to be diminishing. But word on the street is they now have dsl in my neighborhood, I just need to see how much it is.
  15. SO I guess I gotta buy a new video card to play this game - been running a GF4 Ti 4200. I need to get one cheap though. What do you guys recommend on a budget?
  16. The league has a history full of players who "paid their dues" yet still didn't get a ring. In my opinion, a ring is "earned" in the course of a single season - you don't "deserve" a ring just because you play in the league for 15 years. Malone had his chance to get a ring. THREE times in fact. Barkley, Malone, Mourning, Kidd, Ewing, Miller, 'Nique, Lanier, Alex English, Gervin, D. Thompson, Stockton - none of these guys have rings, even though they are hall of famers.
  17. Tired of seeing Fatso beg for topics... Who is the better coach, the Zen Master Phil Jackson or Larry Brown of the Pistons? Can Detroit's defense and lack of a true superstar prevail against the 2 greatest single players in the game today (Shaq and Kobe)? Should Karl Malone and Gary Payton give it up and retire at the end of the season? Should they try to latch onto another team in their quest for a RING? Will I return to see the replies to this post? Why is everything GREEN?? Viva Le Coalition?
  18. Eh, big deal. My mom used to make these when I was a kid. In the same building you work at Ah yes, the good ole days when she would work overtime and I would stay home playing the Atari 2600... All your droids are belong to us!
  19. haha the second link is new to me, thanks!
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