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  1. You really shouldn't feel bad about the bookstore thing. Situations happen like that every day. You even said you're the type to just buy what you came for then roll out. I'm the same way. Why not just look at it like what you did for him on the volleyball team was one of the nicest gestures he probably had in his life?
  2. With all the booze and caffeine in Mag's system he won't even feel the kidney stone. I only try to drink water. If I am feeling especially risky I will open up a can of soda. I don't understand why people drink energy drinks. A friend of mine drinks redbull or rockstar and then a few hours later she is half asleep. Same thing can be said for people who drink coffee in the morning. After the initial caffeine overload they are all like "Woooo morningtime!!!" and then in the afternoon they're grumpy. Why drink something for energy to only be tired a few hours later anyway?
  3. Allow me first to say I am sorry to hear about your loss. It is a sad feeling when you look forward to something then to have it taken away. Especially in a situation that involves something so close to you. The only thing that will take away what you feel right now is time. I am in a similar situation. My sister was very sick her whole life. Almost everything that you and I may have taken for granted she had struggled with. Long story short she is now having trouble fertilizing a baby. I think the most important thing I feel is responsibility. While it is good to be sad I think it is best for you to remain positive. Even if only for your sister. Do simple things like call her up and let her know you're there if she needs to talk. Simple gestures like letting her know you are there may not seem like much but they will be of utmost importance to her.
  4. Also Fatty if you want me to post something constructive I will. I do not hate any of you. I actually do read some of the stuff on the main page before I click to go into forums. I have read about the charity and all that has been done through this community. I think it is heartwarming. I have read posts in the spirituality forum and real life forum about how you all stick together and help each other out. I think that it is amazing and commendable on the people who take part in both of the things I just stated. However I did not like how the server or game was run. When I used to be there if someone slipped up you would have some admins post "please respect the rules." If that person didn't, they were gone. I like that. One warning and you're out is how it should be done. What I did not enjoy was some admins saying "respect the rules and don't talk" 15 minutes after the issue. That is also being antagonistic in my opinion. Once again, .gc as people on a whole is an amazing community. How .gc was at some points in time running their server was far from amazing. Would I want to see this place run into the ground after three years of getting to know some of you? Hell no. Contrary to popular belief, I would like to see it do well.
  5. If I may, Preacher asked me not to post anything here. It was not celebrated by anyone. I was purposely being antagonistic. I would ask that you not take anyone but me accountable for anything I post on here or VI. They are my views and my views only and I was not looking for a celebration. I really do think it sucks it got to the point someone as genuinely nice as Preacher would want to leave.
  6. It took him six years to learn how to read. Taking three years for him to realize this place sucks is absolutely amazing for that man.
  7. 6345 Glad to see this is still going.
  8. I don't exactly know what a liquefy filter is but my thoughts exactly. It took me 10 minutes to even realize there were tiles in the picture.
  9. I take a small sabbatical from the train ride only to come back to two grown men sipping kool aid under a peach tree in their underwear. Awesome.
  10. Just when I thought you couldn't stoop any lower. You stay up past your bedtime. For shame pappy.
  11. Oh man I forgot to wish you a happy birthday as well. Happy b-lated birthday sunshine.
  12. I was going to vote yes. Then I felt this really sharp pain to the back of my head. I woke up with the desire to vote no. Also the desire to plug GC every chance I get. So: Ladies, gentlemen and children of all ages. Gamerscoalition.com proudly brings to you the wonderful world of community gaming! You don't want to wait 6 hours to get into a game? YOU don't have to!!! You don't want to deal with little kids cursing every time you kill them? YOU don't have to!!! You're too damn good for servers and always receive a ban for hacking? Your e-skillz are welcome here!!! With just the low low price of $50 a year, you can get ALL the quality you paid for with Counter Strike Source and HALF the bull s***!!! What are you waiting for????? Sign up now!!!!
  13. If you were to go there, what would you be doing? Would you be working on (brand) new technology, adding features to old technology, or both? Pulled that from Wikipedia. I believe they said it went on air in 1909.
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