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  1. I will be there! Had to pull alot of strings cause my wife is out of town that week also, but its all good! Very excited!
  2. Chamber

    Sad news...

    As some of you know, my son Tyler has been battling a brain tumor for a little over 3 years now. A few of you even met him this past year at the LAN party. Well, it pains me horribly to tell you that he passed away a few nights ago on Oct. 30 at 10:10 pm. He was such a brave little man, the bravest person I've ever known. He was and always will be my hero and my biggest inspiration. Thankfully, he passed away at home, in his mommy's arms very peacefully. Still, that doesn't make it any easier and i cannot even begin to describe the feeling. I know many of you live around the Cleveland area, so i am posting the information on all the services. I would love to see anyone show up to any of them and anyone that wants to come is more than welcome. Tyler's services will be: Viewing services--Ripepi Funeral home, 5762 Pearl Rd Cleveland, OH 44129 Monday, November 3rd from 2-4 and 6-9 Funeral service: Tuesday, Nov.4th, at 10am at Sts. Josephs Church, 12700 Pearl Road, Strongsville, Ohio 44136. We would like to ask everyone to wear a little bit of orange, it was Ty's favorite color and he would like that. Just please pray for us to be able to make it through the next few days... i have no idea how we are going to do it. Here is his website if anyone would like to read about what he has been through, see pictures of him, etc... http://www.caringbridge.org/visit/tylerhibinger Jay
  3. Well, just wanted to let you know that i will be there Thurs. night so i can help setup as needed Also, paintball Friday morning sounds like fun also
  4. Hey guys!!! My daughter was born today at 5:17pm!! Her name is Isabella Raelynn Hibinger. She was 7lbs 10oz, and 19 inches long. I'll update more tomorrow with more pictures....but right now i'm exhausted!!!!
  5. I just learned that the Holiday Inn is planning on on cutting back on bandwidth soon. They currently have 2 T1 lines in the building. Soon they will be pulling one out, and only keeping one. So, i don't know how that would run for us... Something to keep in mind for next year
  6. Just ran across this on Toms, and thought i'd share it. Considering we were talking about this exact thing, and how we don't want to turn FF into a bigger LAN. http://www.twitchguru.com/2006/07/12/the_d...of_a_lan_party/
  7. I think i know the answer to number 8...
  8. Chamber


    could you be more...specific? the colors? i dunno how to describe it well compared to the other photos he posted before the quality looks different... or something. Odd, i have no idea... I didn't do anything different.
  9. Yes, i also need to say thanks to everyone who had some part of making FF happen! First off to all the people who did all the setup and running of the event!! The staff crew was great as always!! Also, thanks to everyone else who showed up, i'm pretty sure i have some kind of memorial moment with just about everyone that attended. Without everyone there, it just wouldn't be the same fun FF that it is every year. It just keeps getting better and better See you all next year!!!
  10. Chamber


    Here are the few pictures i remembered to take. I was too busy most the time to even remember about my camera... hehe Another one of DJ passed out... Redeyez and THX late one night Group picture of a bunch of us playing pool Sat. night And before anyone says anything....yes i know the date stamp is wrong...oops Had a great time all weekend
  11. I have a coffee maker that i can bring, no problem. Just bring some coffee cause i really don't drink it.
  12. Hmmmm...I might be intersted in coming out!! It all depends on what the wife says since i'll be gone all weekend. But it doesn't seem like i won't know anyone (but fatty). Damn i hate being so oldschool and not around anymore...LOL But we'll see what happens. I'll talk to the wife, see what she says, and let ya know
  13. Chamber

    Bad News...

    Well, i thought i'd post an update since i haven't been able to in a while. But first i'd like to thank you all for your thoguht's and prayers. It has helped more then any of you can imagine. So, after surgery it seemed like everything was going good. Then we ran into quite a few complications. First, when we removed the breathing tube 2 days after surgery, his left lung collapsed. So we have been working on that and it seems like it is all better now, thankfully. Also, the left side of his vocal cords are paralyzed, and not working. It was a mjor concern at first, cause you can't swallow without them working. But he is swallowing fine, and just now starting to eat some. So hopefully he can get his feeding tube out in the next few days and not come home with it in. He was also creating to much brain/spinal fluid and they had to put a spical cathader in to drain some out cause it was creating BAD headaches. But he finally got that removed 2 days ago. They also found a serious infection in his spinal fluid. At first they said it was a form of meningitis, but not the contaigous kind. But now they are saying it is a staff infection. He has been on VERY strong medication, but it hasn't really left yet. The infectious disease doctor thinks it's cause of the drain that was in, so that is why they took it out. So hopefully that will work. It seems like he is doing ALOT better today, and finally really eating and a little more active. He is also getting a central port put into his chest today, for the chemo treatments and because we have ran out of veins to put IVs into. So that will give them a permanent IV hookup right into his chest. We need to get him into physical therapy, since he has been in bed for so long, he can't even walk anymore. So we need to teach him how to walk and build up muscle mass again. Then in a few weeks when he is healed up nicely. We start his Chemotherapy. He has to go through a year of Chemo treatments once a week. Then hopefully, that will stop it from growing for a while. Then in a few years when he is a little older, they will try radiation to try and shrink it up some since it is impossible to touch it in surgery. So now, we are just waiting for the medical bills to come in and all that fun stuff. This has destroyed us financially. We have spent our entire savings just on parking and food and stuff since he has been in there. But such is life So that is what is going on so far. Thanks again for everything guys.
  14. Unfortunatly, i might not be able to come to FF this year Some stuff has happened in the past week, that is probably going to prevent me from coming. My son has a brain tumor that we found last Sun, and he just had brain surgery yesterday. I put a more detailed post up in the Life section of the boards. So if you want to read what's going on just click here : link Hopefully, i'll be able to pop in for a while at least one day, since it isn't far at all, but it will all depend on further treatements that we have to do.
  15. Chamber

    Bad News...

    Well, not alot of you know me here, but quite a few do, so i thought i'd post this here and let you guys know what is currently going. This is also probably going to stop me from going to this years fan faire, but i'm still gonna try to pop in for a bit since it is close this year. I'm just gonna copy and paste what i've already posted somewhere else, cause it's alot that i don't really want to type out again. But story background is last Sun, we found a brain tumor in my 3 year old's brain, that was originally thought to be a different type of tumor. Surgery was yesterday and this is what we know so far: The is not the type of tumor they originally thought it was. It is a much milder "type" of tumor called ganglioglioma. Which is good because it is not a very aggresive type of tumor. The bad part is that it started growing inside the brain stem instead of outside like we orginally though. So i grew "into" all the parts inside the brain stem, and they could only remove about 80% of it. If they touched that part of the tumor, it would've turned Tyler into a vegetable for his life, so needless to say it stayed. I guess this is a very rare thing, as there are only 60 reported tumors like this in history. I'm not sure if the type of tumor is so rare, or the location of it, i forgot to ask the doctor that question, but will be talking to him alot more in depth in the next few days while we try to figure out someway to treat the remainder of the tumor. From what he said, there is no cure, and really no treatment, as this type of tumor doesn't react to Chemo and radiation like other tumors do. So it sounds like we will just be keeping an eye on it to make sure it doesn't grow or spread. But, unfortunatly, this will be a lifelong issue for him. So far, it seems like the only imediate concerns the doctor has is that the nerves that control his left eye, and his left hearing looked a little damaged. He said that his left eye is very weak and isn't really moving properly. Also it looks like he will be deaf in his left ear also. But we won't really know until we do some more tests over the next few days. Right now we want to make sure he is able to swallow ok, cause they nerve was slightly bruised during the operation. So, i think that is about all that is going on at this point. We won't have the pathology report until next week, proabably about Thurs. which will go into more depth on what to do from this point. So, if you guys could please just think about us, and keep us in your prayers, it would mean alot to us.
  16. I'm in Also, add killer339 in there, we both 3 year vets....
  17. Need.....Sleep..... But made it home fine
  18. Chamber

    Im Engaged!

    Congrats man!! And goodluck
  19. Got one i'll bring! Hopefully i won't fry my power supply like last year
  20. Yup, i'll definitaly be there, might bring a friend or 2 also.
  21. If i remember, and i can find it, i'll bring some xtra DDR RAM. Think i have like a gig or somethin sittin around.
  22. Also.....Killer339 wants an XL, Nipples wants a XL too
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