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  1. TheTokenBlackguy


  2. TheTokenBlackguy

    What do you do when you cant play L4D2?

    Oh Yesss BF3 !!!!
  3. TheTokenBlackguy

    going thru withdrawal

    Any ETR?
  4. TheTokenBlackguy

    Steam Mobile

    Anyone have access to the Steam Mobile App in the Droid Market? If not I have 1 invite
  5. TheTokenBlackguy

    Custom Campaign Coop?

    4 sizzzle
  6. TheTokenBlackguy

    Bots being Mains

    Wish more people followed the "No one left behind" mantra. Yeah, because it's a rule...and we all know how people love following rules. then u get those ppl who complain about me goin back for ppl so its a double edged sword... ........ ....... what to do? can't please all Go back so I can kill you :-)
  7. TheTokenBlackguy


    . That actually explains why 1/2 the time I can't pick stuff up lol doh !!!!
  8. TheTokenBlackguy

    Racist kickvotes and hate

    Server Members can sit in spectate for long periods of time
  9. TheTokenBlackguy


    I'm currently unable to do anything, anytime i click something I get. I can't see any part of the forums except this section, so my bad if this is the wrong place to put it An Error Occurred Sorry, an error occurred. If you are unsure on how to use a feature, or don't know why you got this error message, try looking through the help files for more information. [#103137] You do not have permission to view this topic. It even happens when I click the link up top --> http://gamerscoaliti...showtopic=41028
  10. TheTokenBlackguy

    Racist kickvotes and hate

    I wasn't there for this incident, but there are almost always members playing, so this may not be a bad idea. I'd second that
  11. TheTokenBlackguy

    Midweek "Retro" Rampage Scheduled

    Me suck !!! only on weekends !!!! I just got to used to those things
  12. TheTokenBlackguy

    Midweek "Retro" Rampage Scheduled

    YES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so gonna rage quick 10 to 20x daily !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. TheTokenBlackguy

    Interesting Choice of words....

    So this was said at the beginning of a match... not quite sure if thought he was going to get a rise out of someone... Taken from "lLGCl Dechnotic" - 2761 in 81 hits Damage Taken from "[bTA] TheTokenBlackguy.gc" - 300 in 2 hits Damage Taken from "world" - 944 in 1 hit #Cstrike_TitlesTXT_Game_connected #Cstrike_TitlesTXT_Game_connected #Cstrike_TitlesTXT_Game_connected #Cstrike_TitlesTXT_Game_connected #Cstrike_TitlesTXT_Game_connected Player KennyB <STEAM_1:1:19943875> connected from country United States #Cstrike_TitlesTXT_Game_connected Player Dainty <STEAM_1:0:7403842> has left the game -=WK=- SnAkE EyeS : !teams Players that have offensive or profanic words in their names may be kicked/banned without warning. Old Saint Neckbeard : !teams � : !buy (Survivor) [bTA] TheTokenBlackguy.gc : !light green [bTA] TheTokenBlackguy.gc : !hat info [HATS] You are now wearing the [info speech] hat. Zombie Slayer : wth? my mouse quit working Zombie Slayer : nvm lol (Survivor) [bTA] TheTokenBlackguy.gc : !buy Zombie Slayer : must be the (I should be banned) lag.... Old Saint Neckbeard : Token Black Guy. Please don't knowingly stack teams. It will make you look bad, and probably get a boot to the head for it. Guardian : really Zombie Slayer : yea that... [AFK Manager] -=WK=- SnAkE EyeS was moved to spectate for being AFK too long. KennyB : its because the cutscene was happening, you couldnt move your mouse because of that Welcome to gcftw.com's L4D2 10v10 server. Zombie Slayer : it did it for 5-10 seconds after it was over too... [AFK Manager] -=WK=- SnAkE EyeS was kicked for being AFK too long. Player -=WK=- SnAkE EyeS <STEAM_1:0:4690844> has left the game [bTA] TheTokenBlackguy.gc : some people aren't that bright ] status hostname: gcftw.com | Left 4 Dead 2 10v10 version : 4777 secure (unknown) udp/ip : [ public same ] os : Windows Dedicated map : c10m1_caves players : 7 humans, 0 bots (22 max) (not hibernating) (unreserved) # userid name uniqueid connected ping loss state rate # 1318 1 "[bTA] TheTokenBlackguy.gc" STEAM_1:0:266465 2:31:18 156 0 active 30000 #1687 "Louis" BOT active # 1459 4 "¦∞¦ Got Your 6" STEAM_1:0:778416 1:33:59 140 0 active 30000 #1686 "Zoey" BOT active #1685 "(2)Francis" BOT active # 617 7 "Old Saint Neckbeard" STEAM_1:0:13648524 5:53:01 118 0 active 30000 #1684 "Bill" BOT active # 1522 9 "Lookback" STEAM_1:1:4868288 1:15:40 83 0 active 30000 #1683 "(1)Francis" BOT active #1682 "(1)Bill" BOT active # 1380 13 "Guardian" STEAM_1:0:4558088 2:02:12 114 0 active 30000 # 1675 15 "KennyB" STEAM_1:1:19943875 01:31 116 0 active 30000 # 1580 19 "Zombie Slayer" STEAM_1:1:7810073 35:19 100 0 active 30000 #end SCREENSHOT Attached It censored it =O lol but you can read it in the screenshot
  14. TheTokenBlackguy

    Bots being Mains

    I like it that way 90% of the time they are more useful lol, tehy actually come back for you
  15. TheTokenBlackguy

    defib changes

    25 I can live with, 10 was ridiculous lol