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  1. Call it "You got Rick Rolled"
  2. Harrold


    That is true. I laughed so hard when I was looking at that pic!
  3. Harrold


    This image reminds me of many times when I'm playing on GC. Or just about any other online multiplayer game...
  4. So cute <3 I really like his name
  5. Are there plans to start it up again?
  6. In the first map everybody made it into the safe room except the guy who died right in front of the safe room door :/. In the second map, I died by the tank right at the beginning and elegant was the last man standing in the map in the far back.
  7. You are simply ignoring the screenshots? They are proof, that not even 5 people were left alive. My overall attitude was not part of the ban. The reason I was banned (as shown in the screenshot) says rushing. The screenshots are 100% relevant, it says rushing right in the screenshot, no mentioning of the attitude. You failed to properly justify a ban. Here is the log. [GC] The Survivors have used 1 out of 3 respawns! [GC] Harrold respawned! There are 4 Survivors left! [GC] Not enough, you need 15 points! Player Kumatora<STEAM_1:1:49301372> connected from country Unknown #Cstrike_TitlesTXT_Game_connected CBaseClientState::FileDenied: downloads/54fd107f.dat. [GC] Chris died! There are 3 Survivors left! [GC] Killed Monster X + 1 points Chris : !points Chris : !sp [GC] Chris has given you 42.45 points! [GC] Sour D died! There are 2 Survivors left! Please read the MOTD for server rules and guidelines. [GC] Sniper bonus: 1 Point(s) Chris : 42.45 POINTS SENT CBaseClientState::FileReceived: downloads/54fd107f.dat. Disconnect: You have been banned by this server, check http://www.gcftw.com/ for more info.
  8. So, we were playing No Mercy, 3rd map. Good game, the other team was getting all their tanks (two in this case, in the tunnel, no where to go) build up and stomping over us. Turns out, there is 4 players left, I am one of them. I die. I buy up and we are 4 people again. Two more players die and I pop some adrenalin, because I was the only main left and wanted to go for some points. We were dying in the small alleyway, everything was covered in spit, the two tanks around us blocking all entrances/exits. I either die in spit or try to get some points for this team as a main. At this point, the last main in the map to get points for the team, no way of surviving, I think you can call this justified rushing. Not that it's possible to make it far, but apparently it's worth a ban anyways. Here a few screenshots of the log http://cloud-4.steampowered.com/ugc/3314956771950379975/3EA104BF51A86521F1851778162DEC0FCE2E9264/ http://cloud-4.steampowered.com/ugc/3314956771950374696/6E3B8C53B863B3E84036AB241428EBD8F770640A/ http://cloud-4.steampowered.com/ugc/3314956771950370681/7FC3498CF4C0A91C31873BAEA789CEAB88F24F4C/
  9. We (elegant and I) started playing first map of The Parish. We joined when the game was running already and the first round was about to be over. I was infected at that time. By the time I joined out team was clearly dominating the survivors. The progress was about 50% and we already had two tanks. To balance the teams, I joined the survivor team, since there was a spot open and the teams were completely unbalanced. We ended up with 10 people in the safe room and that proved that she was wrong. My team had 875 points and the other team had 245. Chick didn't approve of me joining that team and said to not use the team switch function. She then switched me with someone else because I apparently was stacking the teams. You can't stack a team which is losing. Why does that function even exist if nobody is allowed to use it?
  10. To your question, there is no option to reactivate it. I did not put my Billing Information.
  11. I tried to update my membership today, but in the store it says I already bought that item and I'm not allowed to buy it again. Then I get a message, to renew my membership somewhere in my client area, but there is no field to renew. Is that on purpose? Or do you want to buy a $15 donation and then leave my steamid with that in another thread?
  12. I wasn't there when this happend, but in all honesty, I can't understand why Paroxysm got banned in the first place. From the link crasx posted, I can't see any violation of the rules from Paroxysm. You can't respect a bot, since it is an AI. He did not rush. He did not commit suicide He did not grief He did not stack teams The bot picked the bot up, Paroxysm did not do any point farming. Next, it's Blood Harvest, first map. Most times the game is over for most of the bots right at the beginning 10 seconds in, when a smoker-charger combo is ready to go. In my opinion this all comes down to the "I'm the admin OBEY ME" rule. Just my few cents...
  13. Copy the file into Steam\steamapps\common\left 4 dead 2\left4dead2 then ingame type in the console "playdemo demoname.dem"
  14. No. VAC tries to prevent. But there are ways around it.
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