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  1. They may have pulled it... It worked for me yesterday. I don't see why they changed it from that awesome screen to the splash login box. Well, here's what it DID look like: [utube]wtcwJWn9MnE[/utube]
  2. Oh, if you use -useoldlauncher in your shortcut, you'll get the great login screen with music. Awesome music.
  3. Nice... Now, who's gonna go in first and GM us a guild?
  4. I'll save a name for a small, in-game fee. CAPITALISM!
  5. OK, where are we going to go? Who's GM? We have HOURS here people... Get it together
  6. Its legal. My family ran a business for a long time doing similar things.
  7. THIS... This is why gifs were made. This one right here.
  8. Huh... That's really not a dumb question. Great add's Jackie
  9. 13 posts and no one posted the "I'm leaving the intenet forevers" llama? You disappoint me, guys. And later, Mid. Enjoyed playing with you
  10. They'll have to pry my 518 from my cold, undead hands. I tried the MS sidewinder mouse with exchangeable feet and weights... Ended up going back to the 518.
  11. Cinkadeus


    There's a bug I occasionally exploit. If at the beginning of a campaign, you start as survivor and put a hat on before the scramble. If the scramble puts you on infected, you'll still have a hat on. Only last for one spawn, but it never goes unnoticed.
  12. There's already a rule for that. Only those involved should post in the banned forums.. Not those with just opinions.
  13. can we have them ignore spit like the new players do? No because spit still hurts bots and they're programmed to run away from pain...even though they're terrible at it because they'll still run into it, then retreat. Seems like they don't actively know what's in front of them, only that once they take damage, they're programmed to run away from it. o_O lol, that wasn't a request, more of a jab at the new guys
  14. can we have them ignore spit like the new players do?
  15. Ok, so I didn't see this thread ealier... Cinkadeus.2051 And let post as soon as ya'll decide on a server. However that goes.
  16. I've purchased my GW2 account. Don't know yet how the server selection will work, but my character name will be Cinkadeus.2051 Let this thread be our "Who are you in GW2?" thread if we don't already have one. See you nubs on the 25th.. or 28th.
  17. I had to do it on all my PC's I use steam on. I've usually gotten the email with the code almost instantly. I've never had to wait to log in. Mild inconvenience for tighter security.
  18. Can we get "!sp cink h" instead of "heal"? 3 letters could save a life -Buying a Horde no longer makes an announcement. This one I like, basically, the old message just read: "Buy fireworks and light them up for bonus points!" Also, I've been playing with bindings and noticed that even though I specify the "Confirm" command of "menuselect 1;" I still get the confirmation message after I get the item. Example: bind "n" "sm_buy; wait 1; menuselect 3; wait 1; menuselect 1; wait 1; menuselect 1 still pops up the confirmation even after giving me the medkit.
  19. I'm more concerned with getting it back to 1-3-4-1 instead of this new 1-3-3-1. THAT'S what's important.
  20. Has anyone dabbled in personal server creation? I made a 3.3.5a Lich King server at home over the weekend to just play around with. (No its not exposed to the intertubes) I'd like to try a vanilla 1.12 or a cata 4.0+ server when I get a chance. Just to see some places I never saw when I was in my WoW coma. Its pretty neat to see the inner workings of a realm server. But even being a god-like GM; without the social aspect of WoW, its a pretty boring game.
  21. How, between Savana GA and New Orleans, would there be that many cricket bats just layin' around.

    1. Lookback


      Part of the duck duck goose league?

    2. Cinkadeus


      Yeah, but only one kid had one, and we all picked on him for it.

    3. Lookback


      And more impotantly, why do the zombies always show up there first - along with the vampires?

  22. I dunno what school was like for you, but we never used guns, fire, and razor claws when we played. You didn't go to school in Mississippi.
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