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Codrut last won the day on October 29 2012

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    yea, i am kid

    football(soccer) in europe and world cup
  1. Codrut

    Anyone still playing?

    Hi all ! Congrats General. It was fun growing up with you all. Hope you all do well. Sadly I believe it is the death of GC community. Let's not be sad that is over, let's be happy that it happened. Hope you all the best in life !
  2. Codrut

    O...M...G It's happening!

    I wonder if the old squad will be there General, we still have a competition to finish
  3. Codrut

    Membership Renewal

    Hi. Can somebody take a look at my membership too. Not sure if it went through. Thank you
  4. Codrut

    Pro tips for everyone to share

    General: 1. Work as one, never blame your teammates for your lost , is a team game. 2. Always try to stay positive. Survivors: 1.Try to buy a laser as soon as you get the money, it works well with almost any gun (except shotgun). 2. With shotguns or snipers, after you shot, hit mouse 2. It will speed up the recharging time. 3. If you're new or not that good, stay in front or in the middle of the team, the best players always need to stay behind. 4. Even if you're in front or middle, always look behind. Someone may get hunted or smoked. 5. Learn every infected sound. Is not that hard (edited) 6. Learn every infected height. I know it sound a little weird, but it will be easier to headshot them. At begin, you will fail a lot, but with time, you can be a pro. (just like me ) (edited) Infected: 1. As a spitter, suicide after you spit. 2. You can rocket-spawn. You walk, press "R" and mouse 1 ( default spawn button) and you will respawn mid air, rocketing. 3. Try to set up a charger/hunter/smoker attack with a spit 4. When someone gets tank, try to hit the trash can or the car. It deal massive damage and incapacitate in 1 shot. 5. When someone is tank, spam the boomers. I will probably post more, all I could think now.
  5. Codrut

    Suggestion for Point System

    I Like only the tank achievement. Like if survivors kills 5 tanks or so, they receive 5 points or something.
  6. Happy New Year! Maybe this year will be better
  7. Codrut

    FYI: L4D2 Being refreshed

    With the server down, I have nothing to do. I went upstairs and meet my family. They seen like nice people.
  8. Codrut

    suggestion for a new infected buy option

    I vote to keep the server the way it is. There have been already several changes that decrease the fun..
  9. Codrut

    New admins required

    How the title says, we need more admins. A lot of new players are getting in and the bad part is when they don't want to communicate with the team. They rush, they refuse to help team, etc. I suggest to make several trusted players as admins, at least for a short period. The server is getting out of hand.
  10. Codrut

    How is everyone?

    Merry X-mas everybody! With this free left 4 dead 2 gifting, I got some friends to play and it seen like I will also start to play again. How is the server going? I seen a lot of changes have occurred. Is still fun?
  11. Guys. Long time i didn't play but I am certain that if the infected are able to open the SAFE-door, this will decrease the fun.
  12. Codrut

    Long time no see

    I don't know if i will come any time soon For Peanut, Codrut is the definition of an awesome player For awu, If you enjoy playing online age of empires, HD version have better graphics and a better multiplayer lobby. I sincerely recommend it
  13. Codrut

    Long time no see

    So how are you guys? I think i didn't play for a like 3 months or something like . Is the tournament still going on? Is everyone ok? ( I heard of Gummy also ) Anyway, How are you all?
  14. Codrut


    My condolences