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  1. My thoughts. I like the Fire vs. Ice thing more than the idea of smaller teams. Larger teams can spread out the "chores" of gathering, building and maintaining much more easily than smaller teams. If a small team has one member get discouraged and decides not to play, or not play as much as the other members then it can bring the entire team down. Large teams allows those who devote more time to playing to ensure that the team thrives and allow those who don't play as much, but still want to contribute in a role that best suits their play-style. Having player kills be the "primary" form of scoring would help drive the confrontations, but would that include the kills against Randoms? If not someone would still need to go back and filter them out of the logs to keep an accurate count to just those in the event. Since air-drops are not as random as we thought I'm for not counting them towards the score. The chopper I'm definitely for keeping in the point scheme. As Jack has shown he gets really jealous of the loot and throws himself at the other team in increasingly desperate attempts to claim it. Raiding "should" be kept to the teams in the event. However, this IS Rust and raiding is expected. Since we can not expect Randoms to heed this rule, each team shouldn't be forced to either. Self-control should be exercised, but enforcement should not. If a Random decides to raid my base, I shall rain down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger! The idea about the capital should continue, but... the rules of the building and what can and can not be built or done to the capital itself need to be CLEARLY laid out for everyone. Seems that was somewhat lacking in this first attempt at the Fire vs. Ice event. I think each team can recruit Randoms, but only if that teams roster is lacking in total number of team members. If each team is even then no recruiting. If there are enough Randoms on so that each team can recruit evenly then that should be ok. Off-line raids. I can see both sides to this argument. Again, this is Rust and raiding is expected. How about we can allow off-line raiding, but anyone who is off-line at the time and who is killed during the raid is NOT counted as a kill. Make it be about the loot/damage only. Ideally, since we would make the kills the center of the point system then raiders would want to raid during those peek times when more people are on and thus could get a higher score during the raid. That's my thoughts thus far. S.
  2. I need Youtube subs! Need to get to 100 to unlock the custom url.

  3. Hello Everyone! So, the Steam Summer Sale 2016 is suppose to start tomorrow, Thursday, June 23rd! What does everyone have their eyes on to buy?!?!?! I'm going to get the following (if the discount is right): Stellaris The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine DLC Axion Verge Offworld Trading Company Tabletop Simulatror Rise of the Tomb Raider S.
  4. I need some trusted input. I need to upgrade from my Logitech G500. This has been a great mouse in terms of size. I palm grip my mice and I have good size hands. The G500 fits perfectly in my hand. Fingers don't hang off, I can rest my palm on the mouse and move it effortlessly. The buttons on the left side are perfectly placed for my thumb. I've always hated the scroll wheel on the G500, but I like the option to make it a clickable scroll or a smooth scroll. The Logitech G502 Proteus is a no go. Although the size is good, the left button placement is terrible. Don't care for any of the "MMO" style mice with all the additional buttons. My thumb just presses them all at once. I'm looking at the Corsair M65 Pro RGB and the Sabre RGB. Leaning towards the Sabre since it's larger than the M65, but reviews say it's not good for larger hands unless you claw grip. The Cooler Master Sentinel III is on the list, but some of the features seem gimmicky and I want a solid mouse, not a flashy mess. I could over look them if the mouse itself and the core features are solid. Don't mention anything by Razer. Terrible products and will never buy anything Razer ever again. So, that is where I'm at for right now. Any suggestions? S.
  5. I've been watching a few videos on it. Some aspects I'm really digging, but others I'm not to excited about. Especially for $30 let alone $50. It's cool that it's a one time purchase and there is no monthly subscription. Although, I hear that you will want to buy in game money to get nicer items. So, right now I'm 'iffy' about the title. S.
  6. Yo, Anyone interested in Black Desert? I've been watching some videos and it looks really interesting. Labeled as a "sandbox mmo" it has a lot of content to keep busy. If there are a number of people interested I'll jump in and we can all start on the same server or whatnot. S.
  7. New Year. New games on the horizon. What is everyone most looking forward to in 2016! Me: Overwatch No Man's Sky The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Blood and Wine Expansion. Tomb Raider: Rise of the Tomb Raider (PC) S.
  8. Yeah, I've been watching and I'll go back and re-watch once I decide to give it a shot. Good stuff and keep up the awesome videos. I'd like to see follow-up videos with different recipes or other tips and pointers you may have. S.
  9. Starcraft 2 and Diablo 3 might have to wait a little longer since I don't have any of the expansions for either game. I'm going to record at least one map during Saturday Night Customs for the foreseeable future. More if the conversation is really good or if everyone is having a grand ol' time. We had a great time in Dirty Bomb on Sunday, but I didn't record anything! >_< I think we had six of us in there and had a few very close games. I recommend Dirty Bomb. It's free. Not to difficult to learn and if you play CS:GO, COD or Battlefield you'll feel right at home in Dirty Bomb. This weekend is shaping up to be a good one for recording. My wife is going to be baby sitting for a family friend and will be at their home and I won't have any weekend work so I can game as much as I can. I'll post more and maybe get some times here on the forum as the weekend gets closer. S.
  10. So, there were no winning tickets. Something like 10 people got all but one number and they have to split 1 million, but no true winner so it rolled over. I'm in a pool with 117 other people. Also, we went in with as a 'friend of a friend.' If the group got the winning ticket they would automatically go for the lump sum and split it 117 ways. Friends of friends of the pool only get a percentage of the percentage that the original friend gets. So, long story short I would get something like $100,000 if the pool had the only winning ticket. If the pool has to split it with another winner then it is a percentage of half of the percentage that the friend would get. Yay gambling! S.
  11. LiMiT

    Book Club

    I'm all for a book club. Maybe even a "book-of-the-month" style club where a few members recommends a book each. The books are voted on by the community and the winning book is the book everyone reads and then we discuss. Next month another group of members puts a book to be voted on and so on and so forth. Of course long series would be difficult, but I think if we can help each other discover more books then great. Here is my problem. I'm VERY picky when it comes to literature. One of the reasons I don't read as much as I would like. For example. I'm reading through the Witcher series now. Yes, I was inspired to read them from The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. The game is THAT good that it makes you want to know more about the world and lore that Andrzej Sapkowski created. I haven't been let down either. I'm thoroughly enjoying them. I picked up Star Wars: Aftermath with the full intent to read that before The Force Awakens came out. Got the book. Hardcover. Got ten pages into it and I can't stand the authors writing style. I'm going to dredge through it eventually only because the book is canon and expands a lot of the minor characters in the universe. I have been recommend more bad books then good and I can usually tell when something is worth my time right from the start. Sure, don't judge a book by it's cover... or even the short synopsis of the story on the back of the book, but I can't help it and I hate to invest into a book only to be disappointed. In addition. I just read an article recommending the top 40 science fiction and fantasy books coming out in 2016 and NONE of them peeked my interest from the short description in the article for each book. Am I hopeless? Maybe, but I'm always willing to at least try. Lets see what GC can come up with. S.
  12. So, I got a Steam Controller. It's interesting. More thoughts later.

  13. Hey everyone, I want to branch out and do different game videos for Youtube. Currently doing the Saturday Nigh Custom videos (which I I'm behind on) and I want to do other games as well. I'd like to add a few other GC members into the mix so there is more interaction and commentary. The games that I want to include now is CS:GO, Insurgency, Dirty Bomb, Heroes of the Storm, Diablo 3, Starcraft 2. Going to add Overwatch when it's available. I'll try to make a schedule so we can be a little coordinated, but if anyone is interested just message me on Steam or leave a reply. S.
  14. I'd do it from the ATT section to be sure. There may be carrier specific things that you'll need for it to run correctly. If anything ask on the XDA forum. Or, get a Galaxy Note 5 from Att. S.
  15. I really want to try mead, but like you said it's hard to find. There is a winery about 3hours away that makes it and I want to go and check it out. Going to check out your vids and subscribe! S.
  16. LiMiT

    No Man's Sky

    Anyone interested in this game? I've heard of it, but only checked it out today. Looks like fun. I'm digging the art style and I like all the different game types wrapped into one. S.
  17. How are teams determined? Who's going to keep track of the map (if there really is to be a map) of wins and who has which territory. (Maybe I'm thinking to much Risk and not enough CS:GO.) I like the idea and could see months of gameplay until their is just one victor on the map. Maybe we could allocate a chuck of Sunday to these challenges. That would speed things up a bit. S.
  18. Yeah, I've decided to redo the audio on that video. I'm going to script out what I want to say instead of the half-donkey rambling that I did. S.
  19. Hehe, I have extra copies of those games that I could have given you. S.
  20. I got my Overwatch First Impressions video is up! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t37ttUeFVsY
  21. I've gotten some good feedback from a few. Thanks for taking the time to watch. I'd like to get more opinions so please to everyone who hasn't watched it take a little time and let me know what you think. I'm hoping that there is enough interest to keep it going. Mostly likely it will be a monthly series, but that should provide enough time to get submissions from other members and to come up with some other cool things to use in it. Again, thank you. S.
  22. I'm uploading eastwood from last nights customs. Only the eastwood map because I had to go take care of a few things off and on during the night and thats the only map that I had in it's entirety. I'm also working on a Overwatch video. I might turn that into a "first impressions" video or something. Haven't decided yet. S.
  23. Yo, Anyone have any experience using downloaded .obj files in Photoshop or any 3D files in general? I'm trying to use downloaded 3D object files, but they're not displaying their original textures. Everything is opening in white only. S.
  24. I finished the pilot episode of the GC Weekly Rewind. Appreciate everyone taking a look and letting me know what you think. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BwQcaf-Mw2k
  25. Yes, I had thought of a "Top Plays of the Week" segment. Once I set up a better way for people to get me clips I'll be starting that up. Sure thing Zills. Message me on Steam when you get a chance. I have the pilot episode on my channel and I'll post it as soon as I finish one last thing. Oh, and what do I need to do to get it embedded? Posting the embed code from Youtube doesn't work for me. Am I missing a step? S.
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