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  1. With what, it's not like you can hold anything for her?
  2. Accelerate the timer after a certain number of rocks?
  3. Iwasn't planning on going with you, Bad Guys and one other followed us. Didn't see the need to let you do that on your own - as good as you are, there was enough interest that they were going to do some damage if you went by yourself.
  4. I saw that, I was laughing too hard to send you any points until a bit later lol
  5. I probably would have given up on this server if it weren't for a lot of you giving me some direction. The list is actually quite long, but there are a number of standouts, I won't name any for fear of offending someone by leaving them out of the list - but you and Elegant are definately on it.
  6. This is a really good point. There are a few players that I really enjoy playing with because they take on this role. Elegant gets a little brutal at times, but it gets him listened to and it does make a difference. The only problem is when you get someone who has no clue trying to do it. Personally, I often shut my mike off, partly to prevent getting kicked for swearing and partly so that I don't do anything to impair someone who is leading effectively. (I also do it to not wake up my kids, but that is entirely a different thing)
  7. This is a very good idea, I don't know why it isn't a part of the vanilla game. I don't point the finger at any of you, well except for Talpa because he said to and Meng, because you have to. I'd be happy to help test, but I seem to load in among the first.
  8. Me 2 Me 2 Happy to be an alternate!
  9. Impressing you was never a consideration, that would be like worrying about my stats lol.
  10. I do, and often Don't have a problem with it when it's the team you got at the beginning, it's the luck of the draw. Do have a problem with it when you do it and the game is already lopsided. Don't really care, but I have played with and against you many times. Not really, just for yourself and what you want. Rather selfish actually...
  11. Yep, getting my donkey handed to me by teams of people who have been playing together fpr a log time while I am on a team of noobs that half of the other team switched out of and they insist on only playing together, round after round - even when it is 7 on 3 (or worse) is so much fun and makes me want to stay in the server. Thanks for the good times! For a while now, it has pretty much not been worth sticking around to play through that. A big part of what I like about this server is that when the admins are on, the stacking and various other forms of asshattery doesn't happen and more often than not - win or lose- good games ensure. I am ok with losing a fun game, but the teamswitch driven 7 on 3 poundings are boring and do not make me want to come back. A shame that some feel the need to wreckthis server by insisting that they always go with the winning team because 'their friends are on it'. 2 cents
  12. Lookback


    Thanks, It's from a Swedish movie from the 90's, I loved it from the moment I first saw it!
  13. Lookback


    Hey INfO, Don't go man, I was there when you took that abuse yesterday and whoever said it was wrong. You are a great team-mate and I think we started playing here around the same time too. I'll miss you for sure. Stick around man! Just sayin' LB
  14. Thanks for getting back so quick Mookie. Oddly, I show 1:1:4868288, so that may be the issue.
  15. Hi, I don't think my reserved slot is activated yet - can you check? Thanks, LB
  16. Many thanks, I have been playing your L4D2 mod server for some time now! I may have to dust off my TF2 and give that a try here as well. Thanks for putting together a fun community.
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