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  1. Times138

    So long..

    I agree with all the admins paro, I hope you spend your free time/ banned thinking about what you did! 1 week is not enough for what you have commited!
  2. Times138


    Dry your eyes, mate.
  3. Times138


    Hey GC members, just checkin in! Its me TIMES! Or if you haven’t heard, THugnifficent And if you’ve been sleepin, Big Bawls the Bawse And if you don’t know why, Terror Wrist And if you don’t know by now, Ice-Play I know things have been different since I left and there are a lot of changes but youre being very good about it all. And I know me not being around makes you think I don’t love you but I do, I just need to figure some things out and I have not forgot about you. Hell, I’ve never been more proud of you guys, I must confess. I’ve heard great news about you! Meng got released from Hmong prison! Badguy got his first kiss! Session’s came out, that he is actually 2 midgets stacked on eachother! GotYour6 reached complete enlightenment during a pie eating contest! Master Talpa never got over his 1st girlfriend! Matt Kemp or shall I say Dr. Matt Kemp now lives in his 1971 ford pinto! Dryfire has lost all his friends due to his new Parkour hobby! Paroxysm is becoming just like his father! Dean is overwhelmed by the idea of being GC’s heartthrob/heartbreak kid! Cake has filed 4 more restraining orders this month! “All our dreams can come true – if we have the courage to pursue them.” - Walt Disney
  4. Times138

    southern cali players?

    <-- The Real OC
  5. Times138


    tldr nemesis sucks!
  6. Times138

    finally joined

    Ide like to meet this dude.
  7. Times138

    We have materializing chargers now?

    You're as bad at posting as you are at Left 4 Dead. OWNED May I enter my GSXR750 into the race? It has 2 wheels!
  8. Times138

    We have materializing chargers now?

    My friend and I do this all the time on non gc servers, and it is 100% intentional. You just have to time it when you click to spawn and run through the saferoom door. Garychios sounds like a bitter old man. lol
  9. Times138


    Do we post art here? (says times) Im limited by my photoshop skills and I drew it with a mouse... yeah a mouse.
  10. Times138

    Personal Achievements? I think I win.

    nice! what part of what campaign? an elevator im guessing
  11. Times138

    Jackie Challenge

    Ohhh, i thought we just had to beat your score, Should make it- FIRST to read this topic wins. not who can beat 19 incaps. Dam. i wish i could beat eks incap #..
  12. Times138

    Jackie Challenge

    So i just type !hat special?
  13. Times138

    Jackie Challenge

    I actualy scored more.. I shoulda said- inb4 mine not being accepted.. NBD, ill still take the win
  14. Times138

    Jackie Challenge

    This is awk.. but do I win now?.. What do i get!
  15. Times138

    Racist Meng

    Its cool man, try again!