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  1. Whats yalls preferences on weapons? and any suggestions for what guns newer people should use? I got the game a little bit ago and haven't played much, so im still a bit new.
  2. needing a new mic that at-least others can hear, but isn't way expensive.

    1. TheDude


      2 cups and a string

  3. My computer just died, it was just like nah I don't real like working anymore and haven't turned back on seance, don't expect to see me on anytime in the next couple of days. Should get a new one or this fixed before the tournament though

    1. lousiest


      sorry to hear that :(

    2. mavC


      My condolences

  4. Didnt know ther was a gc mincraft server, havent played it in a while. Gess thats about to change! Lookout peoples the noob is coming through.
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