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    Soccer(Liverpool FC),Music(The Bronx,Foo Fighters) and Beer!(Not guiness)
  1. JohnnyQuid

    What happend to the tournament?

    Im sitting here and rolling my thumbs and waiting.................. For the dates for the teams to play! And nothing happens! I know that everyone got a more important life besides computergaming but i think that im not the only one who is exited to play this tournament! Maybe we should spank our team captains alittle bit so the fire can run wild or atleast force some dates? I havent been on the server latley because of lack of time but ill sure will be here for the tournament! Time to GAME ON!
  2. JohnnyQuid

    Europe according to...

    Hell yeah, group sex and perverts! One does not simply walk into Sweden without a boner
  3. JohnnyQuid

    Chivalry Midieval Warfare

    Reminds me alittle of Mount and Blade, another FPS midieval game! Gonna try this one out!
  4. JohnnyQuid

    Would You Eat This Burger?

    Why......Why did I go to this thread! I recently killed a pizza and I was just feeling fine then i start reading about food and fast food etc. Now I never wanna eat again!
  5. JohnnyQuid

    The War Z

    As an DayZ-Veteran I can tell you that DayZ will be so much more realistic then WarZ! Have played alot on the Arma2 Engine and I can understand why people dont really like it because of all the glitches and hacking but until they get their own standalone it will and i put my word on it the absolutley best Zombiegame ever! xD
  6. JohnnyQuid

    Riot in Gothenburg!

    To be completley honest the most parts were immegrants but there was also alot of Swedish teenagers aswell! The site did show pictures about girls, these girls were sluts according to the site, but for real its just a big lie! So probably there was one and another brother involved but most of them was students from the school and as this news spread they had issues in our capital Stockholm aswell with people doing these websites, copycats!
  7. JohnnyQuid

    Riot in Gothenburg!

    Yeah I have heard about that from other friends that the BBC are saying that the Swedish police had arrested 27 people but that is probably a big lie because in Swedish media they havent done anything! Yeah, riots and things like that happens and sometimes, few times they can actually pretty good but this is kids doing it! Not 24 year olds ore older but kids that are on a witch-hunt for another teenager! Are you living in England Preacher? Was that the riot in Tottenham?
  8. JohnnyQuid

    Riot in Gothenburg!

    Yeah it is! That school is about 600 meters from my apartment and there was totally chaos! You can clearly see at the video that there is like nobody doing anything for that poor girl! They are talking on video about how she is panicing and her face looked totally horrified and stuff! Those who filmed this are totally idiots!
  9. JohnnyQuid

    Riot in Gothenburg!

    Seems like I came out twice! Thats embarrasing!
  10. JohnnyQuid

    Riot in Gothenburg!

    I have seen much in my 24 years atleast the last years but today something absolutly messed up happend! I dont know if you know about a website called : Instagram. It is just like facebook but with pictures in focus. At what you call it "highschool" in Sweden did become the center of a riot because some girls/boys had put picture upon Instagram and called people, maintainly girls for whores and trash etc. So the teenagers at this school started a riot, AT AGE OF 15-17 even lower and started to throw rocks at the police, civilans cars,shoppingmall windows etc. But the worst part is that everyone of these 500-600 hundred teenagers were hunting down these girls ore boys that have done this! Now we''re talking 500-600 against 1-5 kids. There was alot of policemen there and the policechopper have been in the air all day to try to get a grip of these teenagers but no ONE was arrested, they were extremley happy that they had caught this girls/boys that had done this on the internet but for crying out loud, they dident give a poop about those kids who destroyed public-property, they also filmed when a mob of guys beated a girl down on the street and everyone were only asking IF this girl were one of them in the Instagram group? WHO ASKS THAT!! Nobody asked how she was, did she got beaten bad? Is she even alive? Nobody seems to give a poop! There is nothing that justifices what these kids did do on Instagram but theres absolutly nothing that will ever justify a bloody riot! What makes me the most sad is that it the teenagers are planning another riot tomorrow aswell! What are the teenagers learning nowdays? It wasent so long a go i was in High school and i remember that things like this happend often but never in my wildess imagination I would start a riot? Dont know whats wrong with the world today but something drastic must be done, we cant learn our younger generations that violence is a choice! It never is, unless selfdefence! I wrote this aswell on a swedish website but got no feedback and im worried! I know im not alone with these thoughts but why arent anyone speaking up? And I have to let you know that both the Police and the Swedish media is still continueing this witch-hunt against these poor teenagers! Showing the video of that little girl getting beaten down and statements from the chef of police that they gonna press charges against these teenagers who have dont this "horrible" thing on Instagram! My faith in humanity fuel is running on the last of the reserve! And if they gonna start a new riot tomorrow, well...........I dont have time and strenght right now to fight confused teenagers! ( I hang my head in shame)
  11. http://www.ncpa.org/...rticle_ID=17847 In 1996, Australia introduced regressive gun-control laws. In about ten years that followed, the homicide rate fell at the same rate as in the United States, meanwhile the overall rate of violent crime increased 42%, while it decreased 32% in the United States. While this falls far short of being a scientific experiment, the logical inference here is that reducing lawful gun-ownership had no effect on homicide, while causing an increase in other violent crime. Of course one only has to look at the United Kingdom, where "knife crime" is now a common term, to realize that gun control does not prevent bad actors from acting badly. I totally agree, the humankind will always find a way to kill eachother but what I want it is to make it harder for them! I really like that you are giving me facts and a opinion but i did mean worldwide, not only US,AUS and UK! (I know im dreaming big but its my opinion and it isent impossible, but close to it!)
  12. The sooner people start to belive in the humankind, then we can solve all our issues! With this i mean that belive whatever you want, belive in christianity, muslims,jews,spirits,winnie the puh,Lord of the rings! BUT dont forget to belive in the humankind! If religion makes you happy, if it makes you strong then im glad for your sake! We all need to have something to belive in! Myself i belive in (just like Dude) the humankind! I belive that after my time have passed im living on the flipside and doing something cool, that makes me strong and happy, but it dosent make me ignorant and stupid just because i dont belive in any gods! For me religion is drunken lullabies, but i dont hate those who actually belive in it, thats called respect. If we ever gonna go along in this world we have to learn to agree to disagre and respect other peoples way of life! Everyone have the rights to live a rightful life, our value is all the same! But as soon as someone starts fumbling on the beliving and starts to measure our values they have to be stopped! And now to the problem that actually is the biggest issue! The guns! It is easy to kill and it gets even easier to kill with a gun that you can buy in every corner of the street, worldwide! Time to open the ovens and melt them down!
  13. JohnnyQuid

    Tragedy in Conneticut

    My thoughts and strenght go across the oceans and into these familys that have been affected of this horrible tragedy! :( Everyone have the rights to live a peaceful life, this remembers me about the tragedy in Norway last year! The world have to shape up!
  14. JohnnyQuid

    Nirvana Playing Tonight

    Was on a gig last night in Gothenburg, I watched The Bronx play, a band i have been listening to seens i was 13. I have actually been thinking on this, alittle Nirvana reunion with Dave,Krist and i also want Pat to be back. Then they could ask Matt ( singer in the Bronx) to do the vocals! That my ladies and gentlemen would be an awesome show! For those who dont know who The Bronx are :
  15. JohnnyQuid

    11 years today

    For a drummer like me, a drummer named Keith Moon is a legend!! I never had the luck to see The WHO live with Keith Moon but he is absolutly stunning! Love watching him play he's drums! +http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kuISrv2su6U