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    This is why you both die so easily. Not paying attention.Why only 900 hours on server 2? Server 2 isn't some lawless outpost anymore. Lol wut? I never die easy. Why? Cuz I never die >Ok, I did NOT type that last part in my previous comment -_- Yes you did. Hmm....maybe you're right. I know it wasn't you that typed it cuz that would be too obvious, and I do know that I can be hard on myself. I must have been tired too. My bad dude. I think I might have typed that
  2. Carlos


    This is why you both die so easily. Not paying attention.Why only 900 hours on server 2? Server 2 isn't some lawless outpost anymore. Lol wut? I never die easy. Why? Cuz I never die > Ok, I did NOT type that last part in my previous comment -_-
  3. Carlos


    It's ok, anzul. For a brief moment, I forgot about that piano spot in Death Toll too.
  4. Oh man, customs. That just leaves only one server that's going to be available instead of two. Darn :/
  5. Ugh, being the last one alive ALWAYS gives you a lot of pressure D:. Kinda fun and exciting really. Congrats Dixie!
  6. I'd say that hitting a high pounce is considerably more difficult to do than smoking or charging someone. I don't think that hunters should be nerfed, maybe just up the points for smokers/chargers. Yep, I agree. Getting a high pounce is easier said than done. Hunter players that high pounce often aren't always going to hit that high pounce. They could miss by a lot or by a couple of inches. They could also get their high pounces ruin by a melee shove, gunfire, or even fire. A survivor could die before you get the chance to land on one. Another hunter teammate could beat you to a high pounce victim. A tank teammate could push your high pounce away from a car. It just feels really rewarding getting that high pounce; especially if you're playing against a tough team, or if you get a target from a bad spot/angle. If a hunter player gets a high pounce on a survivor, then he or she deserves those extra points from it. I think taking away the extra points from getting high pounces would weaken the hunter point wise. Unless survivors are separated/ one is rushing/wandering alone, then you aren't going to get many points from using the hunter. It's just really satisfying making that leap of faith and being successful .......... ..........But it really sucks if you're on the receiving end of a high pounce D:
  7. It'll be ok, Dixie. At least it's better than getting your own trilogy failing and dying
  8. Wow I was the idiot that bought a cola bottle. Was trying to buy myself pills. Oops -_-
  9. What about how she screams when she's incapped? God, that makes my ears bleed lol
  10. Hey! I resent that. Aw, but I don't think killing me is a "perfectly" acceptable reason to play on the server. I could die from that But that's ok. Cuz someway, somehow, I'll always live on Btw thank you Mr. Jackie Chan!!
  11. Your favorite finale is Dead Air, Johnny? Why? It's gross.
  12. I think it was both NEB and AXLWolf. But from the image, I see 3. I think NEB might have came back to help the team. I don't know about Wolf tho. I remember hearing NEB complain about the no rushing policy in the server, and even "threatened" to never come back to the server because of this rule. But he ended up changing his mind because the server is JUST THAT FUN. I also remember seeing AXLWolf repeatedly call the guys that were trying to survive in the back as "Slowers." Even called me a "noob" for accusing him of rushing. But one of them, or both of them might have actually came back to help the team, even if it did take them a while. I couldn't see how far NEB and AXLWolf both were from us, or how close they both were, since I was busy trying to help out my teammates in the back and survive. Because I'm not really sure whether or not they came back to help, or whether or not they just stood inside the elevator, I'll just support Johnny's decision of no action getting taken. Just to be safe
  13. Nah man. Clony is just really experienced. He is that....damn....good. Don't tell anyone, but I'm secretly afraid to play against him and his hunters.
  14. I give it a 9.5/10. Minus 0.5 points only cuz it took me like 2 minutes trying to spawn in as the spitter to spit on those in the bathroom. The incaps spawn blocked one bathroom, the other bathroom was occupied, and everyone else that was up and alive spawn blocked the hallway. Even when I was out of sight, it said that I was "too close to the survivors." Had to wait for the whole team to get in that bathroom to get them spitting points. But yea, at least it's close to a 10 tho
  15. Carlos

    san's Email

    Sooo that Death Toll game....after that vote failed, we couldn't have had a forced scramble/swap by an admin between chapters 2-4? If there was, tensions wouldn't have been so high.
  16. do not worry, I will give you, all my points Thanks man!
  17. Ok, I guess I'll join. I mean, why not? But if you get put into my team, you're probably gonna end up in the losing team cuz I suck.
  18. Carlos

    Epic spit

    Oh boy, was that a rough round for us. I love it when I die first
  19. Carlos


    Hi guys! Just recently became a forum member, but it kinda took me a day to register though. Anyways, I registered to let a few others know that I am NOT fun to kill. I feel like there is always that 1 person that is out to get me. Idk it's probably just me though. I'm sure everyone here is nice and doesn't want me dead btw this is Carlos
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