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  1. I played it a bit if anyone is interested. It's pretty fast paced from what we're used to. Players supported is much higher, so games are significantly more action packed.
  2. Will look into it, probably download later. I have a friend that wants me to get it too RL.
  3. Free game? I'll trade you a copy of Gmod for it. Coupon to buy game at discount? I'll pass.
  4. You're right, I highly doubt I want to invest so much time picking up an incapped Dixie either, but I still do!
  5. Rule... Could there be a rule to ban players abusing the 'main' system? Sometimes, a player will die early on as a 'main' then leave the game and return, allowing a different player to then become the main that died. That or they'll !afk and it'll put a new main in their place. Personally I feel this is abusing the system and promotes unfair play.
  6. Hordes take a while to get to players, and they're not exclusively targeted on players unless they're boomed. Now what would be a good addition is to allow us to upgrade hordes to specific zombie type, such as hazmat, swat zombies, mudders, jimmies.
  7. Am for it. !heal is used far more than kits late game. Will put some pain on the players that exclusively farm SI.
  8. SPAS-12 combat shotgun, can lay out tanks like nobody's business
  9. I play ESO, my account is @Crawdacity, feel free to look me up!
  10. I've seen the type of systems you're talking about and they want a fortune for what they really are. You could build something a lot cheaper if you had the time. Personally I like lifting buckets, gotta get big. I started relatively recently and still do extract brewing. I probably won't swap to grain until I get a keg system setup.
  11. A lot of great ideas here so far.
  12. I have a basic beer kit (Fermentors, bottling bucket, etc) and use a stove. I'm not too interested in brewing outside until my needs grow outside of 5 gal batches. Moving precious beer wort around from location to location isn't something I enjoy and it's risky to the product. I have a couple carboys and I'm looking into staging batches to have a constant supply. I've also been looking into making a keezer, but that's some ways down the line.
  13. They shouldn't be a total replacement for molotovs like they basically are now. There are loads of molotovs and gas cans in nearly every map anyway. How much hand holding do survivors need when it comes to fire?
  14. The current state of fireworks should be changed from a personal limit to a team limit. They're ridiculously cheap for how strong they are, and the personal limit is too high (who buys molotovs unless you have to flush a tank out?). In the actual game, fire actually hurts teammates instead of just the owner. This prevents teams from walking their way across the map in a burning path like they're currently doing now. Making the fireworks a team limited item will prevent literally every player farting out fireworks every time they get boomed and use them with a little more team focus in mind.
  15. Anyone else play World of Warships? I'm on the NA server! New ranked season just started!
  16. Anyone do any homebrewing? I started recently doing 5 gal batches. Just wondered if anyone else had this rewarding hobby. I also make it a point to try many craft beers.
  17. Hunter wasn't nerfed nearly enough. A 25 damage pounce still nets 10~ points. 7~ from the 'high pounce', and 3~ from the 25 points of damage (even on incapped). I think it's entirely too much for being such a selfish class (only pins 1 player, no blinding, no knockdowns, no movement denial) that requires no teamwork at all and very little situational awareness. Other classes (spitter, jockey, smoker) at least require teamwork or awareness of players being out of position. And stop using 'At least it's better than it was.' as an excuse when it's clearly still broken.
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