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  1. Grenade launchers only sounds funny (no laser sights) VIP mode where neither survivors or infecteds know which one is the VIP unless it dies
  2. Keisuke

    Forum Membership Event Dec01 to Dec23

    wow, I can't believe I won. I couldn't realize about it before due to internet access I have been inactive since some weeks due to a long trip, but it has made me very happy. I'm so expectating for start playing again with all u guys and thanks for the prize
  3. Keisuke

    Forum Membership Event Dec01 to Dec23

    When and how did you find out about GC? And which game did/do you play on? How long have you been gaming on GC overall? I bought the game some years ago, but I was busy with other games. Some how, one day I decided that I wanted something different and I installed the game (that was exactly 1 year ago). I started to play multiplayer in many servers, but no one in specific. After some time, I realized that I often tried to look for GC, and in January I started to play regularly. As mentioned before, I also got tired of being kicked and decided to buy the membership in June. Share about your very first day on GC or just your first month or so, how did it go? Whether good or bad, let’s hear it from you. I'm not sure if I can remember exactly how the first days were, but it was difficult for me to manage with the intensity of the game when there were many regular players online; furthermore I had no idea about the commands, so I didn't use or send points; it made me feel nervous. Also I had to learn the server rules by the hard way, but nowadays it's clear to me why these rules exist and how useful they are; this server wouldn't be the same without the current rules. I used to die fast, didn't play in team, but I have learned slowly to change that Tell me about friends you have made while playing our servers and what roles did they have into making you have fun gaming in general. I consider the whole community in general as friends, because the attitude of each person and each member is always good, and it makes that we can talk with each other with confidence What keeps you coming back to play GC? Definitively the people. Almost each day is a new story with funny facts and funny talks; even if I don't speak too much, many of your messages make me laugh; there's no server where I enjoy the game as I do here. Maybe I am one of the newest members (not even 1 year here), so I wonder how many great moments you've had through the years, and I want that those moments keep going on How has GC affected you as a person, whether big or small, share about it. As you may know, I'm not from USA or UK, so english is not my mother language, but through the time it has become easier to understand what you say in voice chat, anyways sometimes I know you're talking to me and receive no answer back, but it's not because I don't wanna answer, but I couldn't understand... what I wanted to say is that playing here forces me to speak english better, which I need for future goals, and it has been succesful so far, so I considered to put that fact here (I will make some changes with the sound configuration). Furthermore, playing here taught me to take thigs easier; there's no need to feel angry or stressed without true reasons What are some fond memories that you can recall on while playing games on GC servers? Any funny ones? Any sad ones? Sad one: I got banned in my first days by using bad language. I was shocked then because I saw no reason, but after reading the rules it became clear to me. It won't be a problem anymore Funny ones: the hunter high pounces training with Soosage when the server is empty... ooh and that crazy round with 28 defibs (I saw the video and counted it, because I joined at half round and wanted to know how many defibs were made and to see how the round had been before I joined What song reminds you of GC? Sometimes I think in "When The Saints Go Marching In", that song of the jukebox that sounds in the first chapter of the Parish, because I think it goes perfect wwith the moment. Not another one, I don't listen music while playing because I don't pay attention for what you're saying What is a goal you want to accomplish next year? And for those who play L4D2, what is something you want to work on getting better at in the game? I hope the next year I will finish with my university studies; it has been hard to get a place there and even harder to stay, and after 5 years the goal is too close to be reached, that's the reason why I had to stop playing the last 5-6 weeks, but responsabilities are first. Also I'm learning german, which has been another hard task that consumes many of my time and energy, but I expect to certificate german and english next year About things to work in L4D2, there are a lot to improve yet: High pounces wth hunters, a better use of tank (I don't like to be given the tank beacuse I often die very fast), sending points faster, go back and help if needed, and the list continues
  4. Keisuke

    Buy Plugin/Server Update Notes

    About the tanks, I don't think they should be more or less expensive, but the hit points are something to modify. I think 6000 HP is a little bit slow when there are 8-10 survivors, but when somebody buys a tank when there are 2-3 survivors remaining is a huge disadvantage for the survivors. I think the HP should be proportional to the number of alive survivors; maybe 1000 HP per each alive survivor, or a minimum life of 3000 + 500 per each alive survivor. I don't know if this is easy to implement (or even possible) but it would encourage the infected team to avoid buying unnecessary tanks when they will obviously win
  5. Could you please change my name to Keisuke? I would appreciate it too much
  6. Keisuke

    Jeez, this round

    I think it's because with more than 12 defibs the score of the round would have been negative, which is not allowed
  7. Keisuke

    Jeez, this round

    Crazy match. I have been able to count at least 26 defibs and the 3 respawns on corpse, so it would count as 29 Keisuke