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    h00ters heheheheheheeeheheehe
  1. (NOX)_Gemini

    I hate stupid drivers

    i know what you mean lol
  2. (NOX)_Gemini

    Happy Birthday

    ya happy bday
  3. (NOX)_Gemini


    happy birthday man
  4. (NOX)_Gemini

    Anyone like this?

    its not bad. better than i could ever do. keep at it
  5. (NOX)_Gemini

    UK General Elections

    lol thats somethin else
  6. (NOX)_Gemini

    Drivers License Search

    not bad. i supose you can find anything on the net these days
  7. (NOX)_Gemini

    In-Game Names

    Fall3n_Jedi curently so im guesing bad...
  8. (NOX)_Gemini

    Check this out

    thats pretty scary. i found my mom and alot of stuff about her. and about 10000000 of my cousins but what are you gonna do?
  9. (NOX)_Gemini

    Help me out guys

    GREAT JOB!!!
  10. (NOX)_Gemini

    Funny pic

    thats amazing i just wasted so much time trying to figure out why my comp is downloading the page and then its not suposed to. ok and the gc one wasnt to funny either. next time plz just put a actual funny picture like this one http://peteashton.com/library/pics/god_kills_a_kitten.jpg
  11. (NOX)_Gemini


    that sucks i dont know why that happens
  12. (NOX)_Gemini

    Yet another

    Hey guys i hate my class but i need another survey soooo.What is your favorite type of sport and why? i dont know why stupid teacher requiers why but... anyway junior year is almost over and so are the surveys. thx
  13. (NOX)_Gemini

    Favorite Baseball teams

  14. (NOX)_Gemini

    Favorite Baseball teams

    thanks guys
  15. (NOX)_Gemini

    Kruten's OWN Shoppe

    that is intense i wish i was that rich. my comp barely works.