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Found 64 results

  1. waymon

    CS:GO Server Requests

    Hey All! I just wanted to say thanks for an awesome job on the CS:GO server..it registers great and has good players. I was wondering if I could voice my opinion on a few things. 1.) cs_italy. I believe this map should be removed from the server. I don't see that many people wanting to play it and whenever it shows up in the rotation after 10pm..it kills the server. I don't mind it that much. but I do mind when the server empties out because of it. Plus it isn't what the community would call "competitive" 2.) I like the way the server is setup to play to 10 rounds. But I was wondering what would happen if we set it up like 6 rounds each side? First to 13? Would that give it more of a competitive feel? Maybe worth testing? 3.) Can I get a reserved slot? :-D Thanks guys...great server and great community. I like a server with active admins that are fun to play with. Thanks!
  2. Hello CS:GO players, I write to you with some concern. My main concern being the mostly empty CS:GO servers we have. Before I go too far I'll admit I'm guilty of choosing scrims over pubbing as well. However, it's time for some change and I hope you will all pitch in to help. Let's start making an effort, say around the 7-8 pm Eastern hours to get the pub going. All it takes is a few members in there to get more regulars in. Last night it took me an empty map and a map of roughly 3v3 before the server started getting busy. I'm not asking you to play through the whole map rotation. I'm not asking everybody to quit playing 5v5. What I'm asking is that instead of 3-4 groups of community members all playing different scrims, let's play a few maps in the pub. It won't take long, maybe a half hour, maybe 45 minutes. Worst case you miss out on one scrim. Please take this into consideration. Now, time for my declaration. If you see me in the pub with less than 12 players, I will not accept an invite, nor will I apologize for ignoring it. I'm going to dedicate time to get the pub going. Also, if there are any suggestions or (reasonable) changes that you'd like to see please speak your mind.
  3. February 20 to March 20. Looks like since March 5th things have been a bit off the rails...
  4. Hello, GC community! This thread for those who played, play and will play Competitive Match Making (CMM) or scrimmage. Recently, I’ve played with many of our GC members alongside, some of them are good due to their experience and skill, however there are who are new to this type of game. I’d like to give some tips of some tactics to those who play to win, and not just to spend some time having fun with friends. This is my humble contribution to the Coalition. General concerns Communication. Needless to say, having a microphone and headsets (speakers) makes the game much easier for you and your team. Whether you report your current status or you would like to give the others order to attack. If you got killed no need to scream what want you to do to mother of your killer, better say where you got killed and what you can see while deathcam is still on. Don’t coach unless teammate is oblivious of what is happening around (you should know your teammates skill). Rushing. Don’t rush without notifying your teammates. This leads your team to open flank for opposite team. When you decide to rush always make sure someone takes your spot or the team regroups. Rotation/Cycling. Don’t rotate immediately once enemies spotted, it can be fake or just picking. Cycle only when the bomb carrier is spotted, or bomb is down, or your teammate calls a full rush of opposite side. And yet don’t run with your knife out, there is a big chance enemies split and one of them is waiting around the corner to catch you off guard. It’s very common tactic, so run at least with your pistol and check corners. Saving/Buying. Before the beginning of each round, look at the score tab to see how much money your team has. You can buy when: on Counter-Terrorist side amount money of each player should exceed $4500, for Terrorists it can be $4000, if there are 3 or more teammates have low amount of money, the whole team should save as well. However, there are few situations when you buy regardless how much money you have: one of them is last rounds of each halves (LOL I know it’s obvious), second of them is when you lost 1st round but you are 100% sure that whole team buys too and your team is winning. It’s always better idea to save one and be fully equipped for next round. Time. Many people completely forget about time, so keep an eye on the clock. It takes 5 seconds to plant the bomb plus time to get to a bomb side. Sometimes, it’s better to run and save. Team lead. This is a really big and confusing problem. There is always someone to give the orders and call strats. It doesn’t mean everyone else shouldn’t say anything. If you disagree say so. When team has 2 or more leaders, doesn’t mean that you need to listen to the one with higher score, listen to the one who you agree with and support him. Usually, before the beginning of a game team choose who calls. During a game leader can be changed. Team decides. Weariness. That’s right, when you are tired you ain’t gonna do well. Basic strategies Here we are, the real reason why I made this thread. As we all know, each map has its own approach and I’ll try to explain dust2, inferno, nuke, train, vertigo (lol yes), though some things are common for every map. Let’s talk about them. CT side When you have a real team, nobody has favorite spots (sides). Usually you go there where you closer to, depending on your spawn point. And just because we don’t have a real team you can go to cover that spot where you think you are better at. Sometimes it’s the best due to everyone is comfortable with his choice. Sometimes things don’t work out and then you better rotate to other spot and ask your teammate to replace you, this way enemies who already learned your style will be a little bit surprised which gives a small advantage. I don’t recommend to sit and camp each round one spot in the area you are covering. Make a surprise to opposite team by switching spots. For example one round you sit behind a box and pre-fire, the next round you sit behind a wall (corner), the following round you can hide again behind the box, but you don’t shoot at all and once they are close enough you pop out and shoot. As a little conclusion, be unpredictable. Rushing with team is another strategy on CT side, but do it smart. Never march all together, the better way of rushing is if you split into 2 groups. First group attacks front the other group flanks, the roles can change depending on a situation. Always “pre-nade” wherever you go, there is a chance you might nuke very well the entire opposite team with a single grenade. Don’t wait with a grenade out just throw it, you can do it immediately once you get to the targeting area or delay it a little bit by few seconds. Another way to spend saving round is baiting. Send one or two teammates (better if only one) as a bait, and the rest of the team can hide and wait for enemies to come. The idea of saving round is to kill as many as you can or even better- win the round, so if you can sacrifice one or 4 teammates to achieve this goal the whole team gets better. This is the game where team score is more important than a score of a single player. T side All tactics get to only one point is plant the bomb, and if you managed to kill all enemies by doing so is great. Bomb plant gives more money and big advantage to the team. Always, whenever you have a chance, plant the bomb upon an open area or an area where it’s visible for specific sight overview. Great example of it is on inferno map when you plant the bomb by boxes, truck side, for the pit and the balcony. If you’re lucky to get a role of a bomb carrier never rush first with it, drop it in some place secured from CT’s eyes, but with easy access for the team to pick it up whenever you need one. Also, you can give the bomb to your teammate who has a better position to plant it, example: again inferno map and a bomb carrier is on balcony, let him drop the bomb down and stay there to cover his planting teammate from above. Rushing, I highly don’t recommend to you to rush the same way, always split into two groups. As the saying goes, “Never put all eggs in one basket.” This doesn’t work everywhere and every time, but try not to. Using smoke and flash bangs is needed when you are on a rush, though if you have no idea how to throw these things correctly - keep it for later. And again, if the rush goes good, don’t waste your time, get the bomb down once you get to the plant area, no need to wait, let your team cover you. Bomb side cover is another problem. When the bomb is ticking, take a cover and try to distract CT’s as much as you can, buy some time. Skilled players never openly confront if the bomb is planted, they’re running around and making their enemies fight back instead of defusing. Specific strategies Let’s talk about general tactics on specific maps. I wanted to make a video and include my dubbing, but I think my voice is annoying enough to repel concerned ones. Then, I decided to add some pictures of maps layout with names, arrows and numbers, but for some reason it appeared to be looking very ugly. So I just write it in short paragraphs. Here we go. Dust2 First of all, I sincerely dislike dust2 for a simple reason – too much dust2. Second of all, almost everyone knows how to play this map, basically leaving small room for a surprise tactics. I don't even wanna add picture of the map layout. T side There are 3 basic tactics: Rushing A side through Catwalk and Long As I said above, always split in 2 groups. When you play this way it is necessary for the group #1 on Catwalk to smoke Middle Double Doors (MDD) (for the obvious reason – don't get killed/spotted), flashing over is also good but not crucial. Ones group #1 approached Cat (Short) one of them stays there to watch flank. Second group (group #2), which pushed Long, is also flashing over Long DD connector. When group #2 has pit long area they need to drop a smoke grenade at CT's spawn elevator (ramp), of cause if you don't have smoke you skip this part, but I highly recommend you to have smoke and flash grenades. It's necessary for both groups time their attack at the same moment. When bomb is planted, take position to see the bomb and keep your flanks covered. Rushing B side is a little bit more complicated. Usually 4 guys rush straight to B side through tunnels, while 5th person is running down to Lower B tunnel and push MDD. The numbers of groups can change as you will, for example: 4 to 1, 3 to 2, 2 to 3 and 1 to 4. Once you have B side and all teammates are inside, flash over Double Doors. Try to take cover positions which allows you to crossfire incoming enemies. CT side There is not much for creativity, play simple and take to your consideration things I wrote above about how to rotate(cycle) and rush. Standard strategy is 2:1:2, meaning 2 in A; 1 plays Middle; 2 are covering B side. Inferno T side It's easy for Terrorists to play this map. Where ever you managed to get a pick, that way you go. You may make a fake rush and rotate back to the other bomb side, it's all up to you. Basic communication and you are good. I recommend to have only 1 or 2 guys pushing Banana, due to narrowness of the path and CT's always pre-nade/pre-flash. Try to smoke connector area from CT spawn to B side. If rush middle to Arch, always throw a smoke grenade to the right side of the Middle, and if you rush to Truck side – smoke the left side. First guy needs to throw a flash grenade, doesn't really matter which side of the Middle. I don't really like to rush through apartment area due to narrowness. You basically line up for a hit. Send 1 or 2 guys down that way, just to destruct CT's. CT side 2 guys cover B side, 1 guy watching apartments from the pit at A side, the rest of the team watch Middle from Arch side and Truck side. It is crucial to throw grenades Middle and Banana in the beginning of each round. If you sniping middle, try to avoid to get naded, all you need is to get 1 pick and fall back to your spot (Truck or Arch) for a simple reason – if T's decide to rush it, there is a little chance you can runaway with more then 50 HP left. Those who play B side shouldn't go outside and try to pick Banana, most likely you will get damaged by grenades or get flashed and killed. Play form inside, throw counter-flashes, incendiary and grenades. You can push Banana if you have save round and you are rushing. Nuke This map is much complicated, there bunch of good strategies for this map. I'm gonna cover just basic things and leave you some room for your own creativity. T side Everyone goes to Lobby: 1st teammate hides by Squeaky door, 2nd teammate should watch hut, 3rd one is trying to get a pick at the Ramp. 4th and 5th should have keep the bomb and replace teammates if need be. When you have a pick at the Ramp, the whole team should push the ramp, except one by Squeaky door, this guy must cover back of the team. Once T's have the Ramp, there are two ways: push downstairs and plant the bomb there, or push Hell to Heaven. If the team decides to push either way, the guy who was watching Squeaky door should go through A down to Vents and support his team. 1st teammate goes to Lobby and hides by Squeaky door, the rest of the team is rushing outside. You can push down Secret to B side or go through Garage and push heaven. And again, regardless of which way the team chooses, the guy by squeaky door needs to push through at the same moment. The whole team is pushing A side through Hut and Squeaky door. CT side All you need to do is communicate and rotate in time. If you have more pressure at some spot, then add one more player there. The same idea with rushing as on other maps. Vertigo I love this map, because nobody has a clue of what to do on this map. T side Regardless of your strategy, one guy should always stay around T spawn and watch flank/rear. When the team is about to approach one of the bomb sides, this guy should hit oppposite side to flank enemies. It is neseccery to walk and make no noise if the team decides to rotate or trick the oppposite side with fake rush/rotation. A rush through Ramp requires smoke the ramp, you can nade it as well, but never flash. Check blue toilet cabin, it's a popular spot to hide. Obvious spot is the small ladder room. B rush needs to be performed with a lot of exactitude. There are so many spots for CT's to hide and counter-attack. Try to pre-nade and flash Dumpster and right corner by Dumpster. Pay attention the spot across Dumpster, there is always someone watching over from B side. Another popular spot to hide is by the box on the right towards CT spaw/A side. Always check every corner. Never rush in a bomb side, it's better to wait a little to see/listen to what is going around. CT side A side: 1 guy plays by the ladder, another plays by ramp and never goes onto ramp, because it's the very vulnarable spot. B side: 1 guy hides inside, another guy throws flashes and incendiary to slow down T's rush. Fifth person plays between spots from CT spawn, closer to B side, and never leaves his spot unless bomb is down. There are more maps I'd like to talk about, unfortunatly 3 maps I really love, de_mirage, de_cobble and de_season, are not in CMM map list, which is bad. So there is no need yet to explain tactics for them. Maps like dust and aztec are not even worth of efforts, - easy maps. I'm sorry for the simple language of mine and many mistakes in the text, I've been learning the language only 4 years and still learning something new everyday talking to you guys or reading your posts. Comment your concerns in regards of this little article. I hope with time VALVe will add more good maps, and as soon it happenes I'll certaintly write about them. Cat
  5. Flitterkill

    GC CSGO Sourcebans

    Sourcebans is soon to be working for our CSGO server. http://www.gamerscoa...ndex.php?p=home Yes, for CSGO now - ignore that l4d bit in the link; it's just how it got set up initially on our webserver. I'll let others who know what the hell is going on take it from here. Right now SB is polling the server and you can see who's playing. Not sure if the bans are pulling over into the SB DB yet. But this is happening.
  6. samurai nightling


    Simple enough. Would you want it back? I kind of miss it, and I almost always used it even though it reduced the damage slightly. They could also make it so when the silencer is used, the enemy doesn't show up on the minimap like it does with every other gun fired.
  7. lousiest

    Gun Updates

    tl;dr P90 nerf, Deagle buff
  8. Ok, I've tried everything that has been posted to improve my CS:GO performance on the server. I've adjusted and re-adjusted rates, updaterate, cmd, interp, interp ratio and I can not find a setting that gives me decent performace. I'm constanly being shot when I'm clearly behind a corner or wall. Reg is non-exsistant and I'm just fed up. All of that goes away when I enter a 64 tick server. Gameplay is spot on. Reg is perfect and everything plays as its suppose to be. I get a solid 60 fps on average on any map. Sometimes it would dip into the high 40's if its full. I've talked to others who've had this problem as well. I know that 128 tick is preferred so I'm just seggesting it. Could it be tried to see if it works for everyone without to much trouble? S.
  9. lousiest

    CS:GO $7.49 on Steam

    Part of the Steam sale
  10. mookie

    Maps Added

    Added de_mirage_go (Strike), de_nuke_ve_fix, de_piranesi. Currently, none of these are on rotation. I've read rumours that de_nuke_ve_fix can cause problems, so please keep an eye out for anyone having difficulty connecting or server crashes while this map is on.
  11. mookie

    Unable to Connect

    Sometimes, players will be unable to connect to the server. They will receive a message indicating either that they failed to connect to the session (even though the server is up and visible), or that they are banned from joining the session (different message from message noting that their Steam ID is banned). In either of these cases, the server will need to have the map changed and probably be restarted to clear it up. If you receive one of these messages, please let someone know as soon as possible, since usually this issue will affect all players trying to join (not just you).
  12. mookie

    Stuck Warmup Rounds

    Stuck warmup rounds are a known bug. You enter the game, but no players are able to damage each other. This usually happens when the first player joins the server. Suiciding (kill in console) will usually cause the warmup round to end. If it doesn't, try pressing E to also control the bot on your team, and suicide the bot.
  13. lousiest

    CS:GO Release Date and Price

    August 21st for $15