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  1. We might end up on a high pop server, and if so, I'm not sure what the best options are. Perhaps you could join in on head-start just to create and reserve your spot on our home server? I could even do it for you, if you're OK with it. Also, head start gets you a better chance to grab your toon name (someone actually stole, stole, lousiest during the 2nd beta. sheesh... )
  2. I will be in GC vent until lauch, if you have any questions on the game plan please come in and ask questions. There is a plan for launch. If you dont like the plan or direction its going you are always welcome to go another way. IP: vent.gcftw.com Port: 23447 PW: summergc
  3. We did this in Aion, where all GC members gathered during launch and we took a group photo. This might not be as simple in GW2 since we will be starting in different areas depending on our race. BUT imagine how cool would it be if we took a pic of our Level 1 chars with Level 1 gear, then do it again when we're Level 80!!! :D Wanna do it? Yes yes??
  4. Okay, who amongst us GCers are going to tear it up in GW2? From my skimming around the topics, I know Lousiest, Shaftiel, and myself are playing, but how about everyone else? We also need to decide on what world we're all going to play in and tear it up on.
  5. The new unoffical Mumble Server. sirtony.mumble.com 8490 Since mumble has both android and ios clients it is the voice program we will be using. All are welcome not just for guild wars also, http://install.crewgaming.com/ Private Dayz Server http://dayz.metrocraft.org/lmap/
  6. Been asking myself if I needed a new mice for GW2. Came across this article: http://www.techspot.com/review/563-mmo-mice-roundup/
  7. See this thread: http://slickdeals.net/f/5063962-Guild-Wars-2-Pre-Order-PC-Digital-Download-48 This gets you in the 3 day head start. However, you need to download the Gameflyclient and install it to get the game. Once you get the game, I believe you can uninstall the Gamefly client.
  8. Quoted from the official GW2 site: "However, please note that in order to ensure that we’re fully prepared for that fateful hour we may bring servers online up to 3 hours prior. If you’re a player committed to getting in first to grab that character name of your dreams you’ll want to be keeping an eye on things during that time period." source
  9. I've purchased my GW2 account. Don't know yet how the server selection will work, but my character name will be Cinkadeus.2051 Let this thread be our "Who are you in GW2?" thread if we don't already have one. See you nubs on the 25th.. or 28th.
  10. Forgot how you add friends, I think it's by char name. If so, mine's lousiest. Not sure which server yet, but I can transfer to whatever servers we decide on. See you guys in game
  11. Time to start changing the forum background selections. 1900 wide or better. Just drop some links for me to check out. Preferably direct to the screen/art in question. I know how to browse; figure I'd trust your selections seeing as you are more invested in this at the moment than I am. Fake bonus points for Borderlands 2 shots/art.
  12. If you pre-purchased, don't forget the 3 day head start
  13. Maybe? Author did put in a lot of effort though http://imperiouspari...on-guild-wars-2
  14. What ArenaNet hopes to accomplish in terms of keeping content fresh: http://www.pcgamer.com/2012/04/28/guild-wars-2-designer-talks-post-launch-content-and-getting-the-community-to-play-together/
  15. https://beta.guildwars2.com/ Go go go.
  16. ArenaNet set up a blog detailing updates and info for Guild Wars 2. Lots of amazing information about the kickass new stuff coming in the sequel. http://www.arena.net/blog/category/guild-wars-2
  17. I think it would be useful to get a list of everyone's character names and their corresponding classes. While GW allowed you to add someone's account by adding them as a friend, I think it would make it easier so we know who's who without having to look them up. Class Abbreviations - A = Assassin, D= Dervish, E = Elementalist, Mo = Monk, Me = Mesmer, N = Necromancer, P = Paragon, R = Ranger, Rt= Ritualist, W = Warrior Allanon - Allanon Saves PvP (Mo), Allanon Book (Me/Mo), Brona Darkwalker (N/Me), Kasobi ShadowScythe (D/W), Krasta Majere (Rt/E), Lauranel Majere (Mo/E), Maria Majere (W/E), Wren Lightbringer (P/Mo)
  18. I thought since AoC has been released it would be a good time to tell you all guys that... I think as a group of GC players I think GW is going down the drain for the most part. While I had a lot of fun playing with you guys, I think that keeping a forum open for a game which only a few people (who's still active, me, Tookey, Shazzz?) is a little nonsensical IMO. A lot of people have either gone back to CS or AoC, etc. While I have no problem with this and think it's fine to pursue whatever game or interest (if you're stepping away from games) that you like I think that we should decide whether we want to keep this forum open and push for more people to join from other areas... or say it was fun while it lasted and end it here. So where do we go after this? Well for any of you who still play GW on a regular base like I do but are left without people to play and are thinking of quitting there are plenty of good groups that have rules just like GC that you could join. I hate to make it seem like I'm advertising for bodies from my alliance but if you would like to, wwww.maturegaming.net. It's full of friendly people and includes 2 PvP guilds (mine and another one). There's also www.guildwarsguru.com where you could search for one, etc. Well it's been fun, and I'm not going to ask for this forum to be nuked just yet, but I thought this was necessary... Allanon
  19. Playtimes Monday night: Allanon, crazyninja, Unclean, ewok, Shazzz Tuesday night: crazyninja, Unclean, Shazzz Wednesday night: Allanon, Unclean, Shazzz Thursday night: Allanon, crazyninja, Unclean, ewok, Shazzz Friday night: Allanon, crazyninja, ewok, Shazzz Saturday: Allanon, crazyninja, ewok, Shazzz Sunday: crazyninja, Shazzz Note: I really have only seen Shazz and Unclean on ... come on slackers! (and occasionally Ewok).
  20. I thought it would be cool to start a thread where people could post up their screenshots... so to get started I'll post some up. Here's me and my guild doing some GvG And me using a special skill to feign death after I went down to 1 hp with the Bonus Mission Pack And me doing a rare PvE run through a Eye of the North Dungeon And me and my guild doing some HA (Heroes Ascent) Finally winning the Hall of Heroes Rawr... stick figures charging into some combat All I can find for now... hopefully you guys have some classic moments to show
  21. As you all know I am an avid PvP'er in Guild Wars, though I will be honest and say I still and relatively fail at most of it. I will warn you guys that those who are new to PvP and Guild Wars in general PvP can be very frustrating at times but also very rewarding and fun IMO. The basic idea in most PvP arenas is that instead of equipping 8 skills that will dominate a bunch of mindless AI, you build bars with your teammates in order to outplay your opponents in different ways. The cool thing about Guild Wars PvP is that you can start at the max level and all you need is a group of people and have a decent amount of unlocked skills. This can be achieved through lots of skill capping (using signets of capture to unlock elite skills as well as unlocking regular skills through quests and the skill trainers) as well as buying skill packs through the online store. Hopefully, once gwBBCode is installed on the forums I can start posting up builds in a much easier to read fashion as while going through sites like PvXWiki, etc. may not be the best... they are good for starting out. Before I write too much more I want to get some feedback from you guys first Allanon
  22. I just tried out this build, and it's a blast: http://gw.gamependium.com/tools/builds/show/1389 Essentially, it keeps all enemies burning (so it doesn't matter if they're fleshy creatures or not). And it does massive damage (barrage AOE + favorable winds + high marksmanship + conjure flame). I think this might dole out as much damage as a MM does.
  23. Journey to House zu Heltzer and Journey to Cavalon are the quest i am on. Which one do I take? I noticed that I will join one of the factions..which one should I join? Luxon or Kurzick? A bit confused here, I would like to run both missions if possible. Plus I like the armor and spells (elite) from both sides.
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