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  1. So there was a lot of interest and quite a few GC'ers playing Guild Wars 2 right after launch who sadly gave it up after a few months and have yet to return. The prevailing reason seamed to be lack of end game content after reaching the max level of 80 which doesn't take long. So here's my schtick. For over a year now they've implemented a "Living Story" filled with content updates every two weeks and now the PvE game is much better and much more worth sticking around. So all of you slackers who left, get yer butts back because you're missing out! Like for the instance the fact that the major hub city Lion's Arch/LA is currently being attacked and is on fire. So yeah!
  2. So has anyone thought of buying GW2 when it comes out? They just released the first trailer for it, and i must say it looks awesome!!! [utube]Em0Sd60iI2w[/utube]
  3. My name is Summoner Tibbers skype Mdmiked I am currently lvl 66 and having trouble now where to go to do quests.
  4. Hey, everyone. For those of you who are interested in trying Guild Wars 2, but haven't, keep in mind that anyone who has Guild Wars 2 can invite up to 3 friends to try the game from Nov. 15 - 18. If you own the game and you are willing to share your guest passes, just list the amount you're willing to share / have available. If you do not own the game, but would like to try it, please list your name, so we can build a list on this post of who is still looking to try the game.
  5. "DUNGEONS Dungeons now award karma on completion. The first-time karma reward for completing the story of a dungeon is larger than subsequent story runs. The first time per day a player completes an explorable path for a dungeon, the karma reward equals (Player Level) * 23.5. For the rest of the day, subsequent runs of the same path will reward karma equal to (Player Level) * 9.5." For everyone level 80 that is a whopping 1,880 Karma for first time runs! and 760 karma for each additional run. Source: https://forum-en.gui...irst#post513380
  6. I just read this article about GW2 and thought it was interesting enough to share. http://pc.gamespy.com/pc/guild-wars-2/1226457p1.html I've owned GW2 since launch and haven't gotten past the character creator. My primary fear for touching the game is my insatiable compulsion to never stop playing an MMO once I start (I logged over 1500 hours in Rift in the short 5 months or so that I played it). Is this article overstating things? Is it really possible to get the full experience of GW2 and only play it a few hours a week?
  7. Well I have nothing else to do but wait for anywhere from instantly queuing or hours to join world vs world what are some of the thing you do in your free time. But if your bored like me maybe this will help. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2rCP4CRRO7E
  8. Wow, we have our own chat channel (and Mumble server): http://blackgatechat.com/ good to see things getting organized
  9. https://www.guildwars2.com/en/events/halloween-2012
  10. If you're like me and prefer watching videos to reading guides, I found these to be good for people totally new to the game (7:26 minutes into the 2nd video contains some very useful info for seasoned players too ): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=moFztSH81PQ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wZcNef0mQYw Post any/all guides you found helpful here too
  11. Moving this to a thread of its own, and will keep updating this as I find more info: How to make gold at 80 (or even at any level): http://www.reddit.co...ing_gold_at_80/ Lots of good ideas from this thread. E.g. some dungeons are very profitable (CoH). --- Citadel of Flame, exploration mode, option #2 (Magg). Run with a close group of friends and you can absolutely destroy that place with enough practice. My guild's current best recorded run is at 18 minutes and 55 seconds, and that was still with plenty of room for improvement. You'll receive 25 silver at the end of every run, as well as 20 charr carvings to help you work on your Molten exotic set pieces. That doesn't even include the blue/green/yellow drops you receive en masse throughout the run, especially if you roll with magic find gear and Omnomberry Bars. The problem is, this poop is so easy that I'm pretty sure anet is going to nerf it eventually. If you try any of the other explore mode dungeons, you'll see what I mean. --- Everyone I see always does Citadel of Flame exploration mode, 2nd option. It's a really easy explorable. ---
  12. So i have to make a decision. I really want to buy guild wars 2 to play with you guys, but want to be sure i can play, even though my ping is very mediocre. on the gcftw left 4 dead server, my ping is usually around 110. It's manageable though. I get some lag but never enough to ruin the game for me, and i can play the game as a decent player. So how important is ping on guild wars? If you have to be honest, would you recommend i don't buy the game then?
  13. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/lv?key=0AvQFBweLyTK7dGNoTm1oWVI2NkkwY2VlTlZINURPeWc&toomany=true#gid=0 Oh boy Gonna have to try some of these
  14. I think Sim was the one yesterday asking about the mystic forge, but any for the most part it is random gear drop that it gives you here is a video that shows a guy using the mystic forge in sPvP but I think the same idea applies to PvE. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qtw9IELKxPM
  15. World: maguuma Class: Necromancer I'm currently level 40 and wondering if there is anyone on the same world who wants to play. That is all.
  16. We'll be running 5-man GC sPvP groups this weekend. Post any PvP-related guides here, be it class-specific or map-strat-related
  17. Since a lot of us are crafting, thought this might be helpful. Yesterday, 100% of mats for legendaries have been confirmed (source) This page's 1st post is kept up to date and contains all the info you need
  18. Dedicating a thread to World vs World since a number of us are solely in WvW (TheLaw, Unclean, huzzah!). Here's an introduction video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UfFEdkI4q3E
  19. Votes are in! GC's Home Server will be .. *drum roll* BLACKGATE
  20. I'm seriously considering a re-roll. Condition gear cannot be crafted at higher levels, pet pathing pulls EVERY MOB IN MY AREA. There's no pet control, period. I die no less than 3-4 times a night. I'm just getting ill at the whole situation.
  21. Felt this one deserved a topic of its own: Really great site put up by someone that shows you the best spots to farm for any type of mat (e.g. orichalcum ore, bones, etc) http://www.gummorpg.com/collectibles-farming1.html
  22. Do we need so many leaders to the guild? There's like, 10 or something! Maybe we could work on an actual hierarchy? I have no problem with being a regular old fashion foot soldier, I don't need to do anything fancy. Have our most dedicated players be leaders, then work down from there? Maybe even partially dependent on GC membership level?
  23. Chickens. That's Talpa on the right, by the way
  24. Wow... So, um, yeah. I guess WoW going all goofy-panda was better for GW2 than they anticipated. From GW2 Facebook Page: http://www.facebook....151098751069209
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