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  1. Anyone have any information on these besides the blurb on the WoW site? They will be instanced PvP zones of alliance vs horde with great loot and quests. The first one was supposed to be up in the first patch but did not show. I have heard rumors it will be a 40-49 level cap instance so I have stopped levelling at 49, as well as several others in our guild, to await the release. My warlock is up to 12 now while I wait on this to be released, hopefully they will put out more info soon.
  2. whats the obsession with the rogue..... its clearly not pvp to go behind somebody and stun them when you do not know their there... also... in my opinion, a rogue is probably one of the least needed classes in an instance... well you might need one... but god, seems like everyone uses those damn guys
  3. http://onsiteworks.net/SoA/viewtopic.php?t=115
  4. http://www.landoverbaptist.org/news0105/wow.html
  5. Are you the squishy little gnome named Korodas I PKayed last night in BB? Sorry if that was you, I generally try not to kill people I know but I wasn't sure and being indecisive in BB usually leads to a zerg of L40's rolling me over in a painful fashion.
  6. Hey, im not sure if this is allowed,(well i know it is), but im wanting to buy a WoW character, im willing to trade and EQ2 character for it also, i have a level 22 Guardian on the Antonia bayle server with Jboots and alot of money, i also have a lvl 20 troubador for sale. I real;ly want a WoW account, but dont have to spend all the time for it like i did q2 (oh, all the missing homeworks), if you have a rarely used account, PREFERABLY ON EARTHEN RING, contact me at maverick@gamerscoalition.com or PM me..... thanks- Mav
  7. Well I have a charecter on burning legion thats lvl 17 and a charecter in Azgalor on lvl 23 but dont want to use them because my brother plays on Azgalor and he has a new computer so I want to change realms and start over. Please post realms you play on and charecter names so I can see where everyone here plays!
  8. As an experienced studly Tauren Druid, I find Troll women to be fairly attractive. There should however should be a law against Male Trolls dressing up as pretty female trolls. There should be a law, especially in Ogrimaar about people like Mordina pretending to be a female. He-She should be executed on site or sent to the side of the Alliance.
  9. It's almost impossible to get the game in any store where I live...so I ordered it from Best Buy online (sorry Gunny). I'm not really sure if it was the right store to order from, but even most online places don't have it. Whats the deal?
  10. Been home almost 4 hours. Login server has been down the entire time. Can not log on. Can not play. Yet I pay 15 a month for this. By the time Blizzard fixes this, it will be time for me to go to bed. I am tinkled.
  11. Who's PvP'in ? I sure as hell am, and i love it ! haha, i keep 'running' into all the top level people on the server, but i won't back down ! EVAR ! what happens when 2 mages run into each other ? well... you get a sheep farm. We were both sheeped for 30+ seconds then he won, with 2 more training levels then me he had more firepower. Good laugh though. This one was also pretty funny, this dude chased me down being like 8 lvl's higher then i was and he couldn't hurt me. I absorbed his dmg with mana shield, rooted him and blinked up the road. Never scratched me. lol ROYAL RUMBLE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Umm, don't know. Someone need to brush up on thier PvP skills. No way should i have won this one.
  12. Hey Guys, You prolly dont know me but Im usually playing CS, what im wondering is how I should start WOW I am buying it right now online What im wondering is what is the best Race/Class/Server to go with. I wanted to also know if there are any GC Guilds that I could get in. I dont know exactly how WOW works so if you could point me in the right direction I would really appreciate it.
  13. Post up the servers you play on and the character's you play with there. No need to name all your characters (if you're like me and have around 10). Just the characters you use most, or one's that you would want to use more if you can find a group. I've started quite a few characters and never had one past level 10. I want to find out where most of you are so I can pick a server you're on and get just one good character. Also, what skills are people using? Would anyone be interested in picking a low population server and having everyone start a new character at the same time as the same faction? _____________________________________ Me: Whisperwind: Syllabear-lvl 6 Night Elf Druid Crazytom-lvl 10 Troll Shaman -Has Herbalism/Alchlemy Delmilyn-lvl 7 Human Warrior Terenas: Healer-lvl 6 Human Priest -Has Tailoring Crowbar-lvl 4 Undead Warlock Padanna-lvl 5 Dwarf Hunter -Has Skinning/Leatherworking Argent Dawn: Thickburger-lvl 6 Tauren Warrior ______________________________________ I've tried some others races/classes. I like the Horde over the Alliance, humans are really the only race I had fun with as Alliance. Also the Shaman seems to be the best class for my playing style, though I'm sure a Paladin would work well too.
  14. sup its semperfi, long time no see everyone. anyways im just trying to get my friend hooked on wow and every store seems to be sold out of it. i was wondering if anyways had a guest pass for it that they would be willing to sell to me for a small price (giving is always welcome as well ) ty and have a happy holidays -Semp
  15. Blizzard Fan Art This one is my fav.
  16. All US servers went down for a few hours, and now there is a new update, 39.31 MB worth of an update. No news yet on what the patch does.
  17. Warning there is some bad (yet funny) stuff in here. View discretion is advised Things to Ban for christmas
  18. Wife just gave me WoW as an early Christmas present. I'll be installing it after work tonight. (so, around 3 am Central time) Who's playing Horde and on what servers? I'm going to start playing as Horde. Anyone have any pointers?
  19. I bought the game, and am going to start it up when i get home this monday. I plan on making a Troll Shaman probably just for PvP. Anyone have any advice on how to build him? What trees and Talents and professions? Itd be a great help!
  20. I'm deffinitly planning on getting this soon, where is the most fun at? Who is on what server and who wants toka joining them
  21. Does The Term "Have no life" come to mind?
  22. Ahahaha...today i was grinding in WoW and i saw a party running by, and they were all insame guild, the guild was called LOTR and the names were, Legolas, Aragorn, gimili and frodo, then there was a guy named xXxAssasiNxXx...it was sad...
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