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  1. http://www.gamespot.com/news/6154708.html A mere 59,000... What's even scarier is how little that number is compared to the actual number of players. -Fk
  2. Found this site which had alot of it listed: Naxxramas loot
  3. This movie is AWSOME! Not only is the filming amazing, I have not laughed so hard in quite awhile. It's a sizable download (over 100mb) but it's well worth it!
  4. seems like there are some higher level characters. what is a great class for pvp'ing. i have been looking around and i see all sorts of stuff. just would like some general input.
  5. I am actually downloading the WoW 10-day trail. I didnt think i was capable of such a thing... what is happening to me??
  6. 3vil


    my wife bought me WoW yesterday,and wow!i didn't know what i was missing.the graphix and game play are soo kool.i wish i would have gotten it when it first came out.
  7. So how many of you are going to purchase the expansion? Was just wondering since I know a few guys at Blizzard and they're worried about sales predictions over the possible pricing.
  8. I'm playing wow again lol it's eating my free time. I'm on Frostmane, alliance I have a 60 warrior named Daseffect and a Mage named Kankle. If ya'll are playing feel free to say hi.
  9. looking for any gc people on Spinebreaker didn't see anyone on the official "where youre playing thread", so i'm just checking
  10. I dont know if this is common knowledge in the WoW community, but I found this funny/not so funny video. Basically, from what I have gathered, a guy died in real life and the majority of his friends were from a wow guild, so they decided to have a funeral in WoW. A hacking clan similar to myg0t get news of this funeral, and a group of about 10 of them pop over and raid it causing a rampage. Its quite funny, but really disrespectful at the same time, but I suppose you have to expect this stuff if you have an online funeral in a comptuer game world. ***WARNING - contains bad language*** http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-7...876573666&q=pvp
  11. I am debating whether to get WoW or to get Lineage II right now just wondering what abour your input especially if you have played both games.
  12. World of Starcraft via GameSpot... some April fools joke. But seriously, it would be big.
  13. Sound file, so make sure you're safe, lol. Ventrilo chat record of a GM of a guild doing Onyxia. Much profanity, not for the feint of heart (i.e. if you don't play WoW). If you do you'll know how hilarious this guy is. rofls http://media.putfile.com/ony_wipe
  14. Hilarious video, many of you might have seen it before already: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-7382497743921358869
  15. For anyone that has ever played WoW and seen a night elf female. Here is a guy's roommate captured on tape doing something he shouldn't. The video still has me laughing. It is probably not office friendly. http://youtube.com/watch?v=yCCC9unFErM
  16. I just got the Eye of Divinity last night from Major Domo's chest. Anyone done the epic priest staff quest? Or had luck farming the eye of shadow?
  17. Anybody still playin much? This forum isn't active much. My raiding guild took down nef last week. Was able to beat him again yesterday in 1 shot, were all pretty proud of ourselves. Hows everyone else doing? My char. is a lvl 60 gnome lock on archimonde.
  18. Just curious about how some of you feel about this. I'm a little bothered by it myself because I've spent a few months in the core getting my felheart gear (currently 6/8) and now its gonna be crap compared to blue 70 gear? I'd like to hear some thoughts on this.. (if we have anyone still playing in the community )
  19. I know there was another post with this request, but the responses are kinda old, so I wanted to find out if anyone might be selling currently. I am looking for a mage or priest preferably on PVP if available, though I would consider anything at least once. PM me or post here. MSN: jmelie@comcast.net
  20. Well I'm finally caving in and I'm gonna have to get WoW thought I'd check here and see if anyone was done with theirs and wanted to sell it.
  21. Anyone on a high pop server with that option, or a low pop server facing an influx of players ? I was on Illidan since release, didn't really wanna leave but thing's aren't getting better there. There getting worse actually, imo. Anyways, i hoped over to Stonemaul this morning when i found out i had the option to move now, and i must say it went really smooth. I was shocked. 3minutes is all it took, didn't loose any gold, items, gear nothing. woot !
  22. http://www.rootkit.com/blog.php?newsid=358
  23. Onyxia is on farm status and we took down Rag sunday ! So ummhhmm he is on farm status now too. Perditions , Bloodfang Pants, Dragonstalker Legguards , Dragon's Blood Cape. Ironing out our razorgore strats and its almost time for Zul Gurub' .... <3 new content. How is everyone else doing.
  24. I've seen screenshots. Not going to post the link here though. It is a bit detailed. I just laughed so hard when I saw it.... took long enough for someone to come up with it.
  25. 40 Undead Shadow Priest on Illidan 46 Human Warrior on Bleeding hollow account expires september 25th
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