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  1. My wife and I both have 920's. I can confirm that they are awesome. I sold all my android phones, don't miss it.
  2. strangefamous

    The CS:GO "Clueless doesn't like the game" Patch

    LUNK! I can't wait to hear your soothing voice. I was playing on a random pub the other day, and swear I heard you, I got all sad when it wasn't you.
  3. strangefamous

    The CS:GO "Clueless doesn't like the game" Patch

    Yup that was it. Who's the admin of the GO Server? Because CS_Crackhouse and Estate have been remade and we should play them. http://gamebanana.com/csgo/maps/167494 http://gamebanana.com/csgo/maps/168179
  4. strangefamous

    The CS:GO "Clueless doesn't like the game" Patch

    Also I can't seem to connect to the GC Go server. It lets me in, but as soon as I select T or CT it just hangs forever..
  5. strangefamous

    Guild Wars 2

    I bought this game, but I can't get past the character movement. I didn't play in the headstart and don't plan on playing, I'm not sure exactly what it is but the movement feels like it's a cheap mmo to me. Like I'm gliding on top of the ground... I dunno. I'm weird and apparently the only one that feels this way.
  6. strangefamous

    The CS:GO "Clueless doesn't like the game" Patch

    It has been a long time, glad to see you're still around here. I never cared for BF3 I played the beta, but I found it too arcade'ish. I like BFBC2 much better, and prefer CS:GO to all of them.
  7. strangefamous

    The CS:GO "Clueless doesn't like the game" Patch

    Clueless, I'll gift it to you. If you be my friend again
  8. strangefamous

    Missing CS Players

    <----misses strange awww I figured you'd all have forgotten about me
  9. strangefamous

    Missing CS Players

    I sent Clue a message a few days ago, but he never answered
  10. strangefamous

    COD: Black Ops (Public Server)

    I will be getting it also for the Zombie campaign. Also, hello.
  11. strangefamous


  12. strangefamous

    GC Inflight Announcement

    And to think, if it wasn't for me dating crazy beth, you would have gone to her wedding and met your fiancé. Play more css and we'll call it even. This is true, I'd say were even. If it wasn't for me pawning the stats off on you, and introducing you to GC, then you wouldn't be here. EVEN!
  13. strangefamous

    GC Inflight Announcement

    Gosh, I leave for a while and stutters runs the place into the ground... psh.
  14. strangefamous

    I bin gone while! What happined!

    I've been wondering the same thing, I just got source installed, and I just got my internet back.
  15. strangefamous


    This site needs a shoutbox.