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I've never played WoW, or any MMORPG for that matter and am a little bit clueless as to what it entails, how much of my time would I realistically have to put into it to be able to enjoy it?


I don't want to start something that I can't just put down like CS:S when I'm done.

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This game is gigantic. It is a never ending RPG. You can have a lot

of fun with it, but it will require time. A lot of time. You can stop any time

you want, the real question is, will you want to? This game is addictive.

I was going to rip on WoW, but I decided not to and leave you guys in peace without posting at all and head back too Earth.


oops :x

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FWIW, it depends on your play style. I play a few hours here, a few hours there, and try to see all of the soloable content. There's plenty to do, and there are race-specific quests (not that many) and two competing factions which give it a fair amount of replayability if you are an explorer like me.


However, I do forego a lot of end-game content because it requires a lot of time and a well-coordinated raid party, sometimes up to 40 persons, and that's more effort than I want to put in. If you're a real powergamer, or really want to see everything, you can go after a really-coordinated guild that's on 3+ nights a week for 3-6 hours at a clip. Otherwise, for a laid-back player like myself, a night or three at a few hours a night will let you see a lot of the world and enjoy the game without investing all of your "free" time.


I would suggest, if you are a casual WoWer, to try a "normal" realm: PvP realms can be fun, if you have friends who are regularly on when you are and don't outrun you in levelling. Soloing on a PvP server seems like it could be very frustrating in contested areas.


But be warned: Like many others, I have seen many people get lost in WoW if they are easily addicted to such games.

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Thanks for the advice, I think it sounds like a bit too much of a time drain for me.


I thought this may be the case, I have a friend who was exclusively an FPS player, CSS, BF1942, BF2, COD, COD2, SOF2 all the three letter acronyms.

He has his own business and 3 kids, wife etc. according to xfire he has logged over 900 hours of WoW in the last year (that's 2.5hrs every day of the last year) , I don't want to see myself going down the same path.


Thanks for the invite Capt and Wayfarer, this could well have been the time for me to pick up WoW and give it a whirl, but probably too much to add to my already pretty full awake time.

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