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  1. I just reread this entire thread and cried my eyes out. It took me right back to the events as they transpired. I can't begin to say how much this communnity has helped me deal with the trials I have faced, and I continue to face. Every three months my sister's and I go to Sunnybrook hospital in Toronto for routine updates/checkups and (hopefully) any information regarding the disease we face, (Familial ALS) I wanted to post up for those that still actively read these forums about a tiny bit of information we came across at our last sunnybrook appointment. ALS itself, is quite rare, and the inherited version is rearer still. But the inherited version gives doctors something to track, and so our doctors have been telling us that there WILL be something for us, it's only a matter of time. Incredible amounts of reseach has been going on in the general area of genetics. When my sister's and I were leaving sunnybrook a couple weeks ago, everything seemed the usual, nothing new, we were going to meet for lunch. My younger sister and I commute together from Barrie, a small city about an hour away from Toronto. The hospital is very busy when we go down, and it's not uncommon for us to get seperated at times throughout the course of the appointment. After waiting for a little while in the car, my sister came out and we started out to meet with my other sister for lunch. Pam, the sister I was travelling with, has done extensive volenteer work for the ALS society, and sat on the board of directors until retiring late last year. While I was waiting in the car, she was chatting with one of the neurologist's that she used to sit with on the board of directors with the ALS society. When she got into the car, she calmly explained to me that the doctor had informed her of a doctor in the U.S that was successfully working on a procedure called RNA interference or RNAi. Apparently the precedure has successfully passed the mouse and monkey stages, and has now been given the green light for human testing. RNAi is no stranger to us, we have read clippings about it in muscular dystrophy newsletters for a few years, but when I heard that I turned to my sister and said, "well *&%^ that's fantastic news!" Timothy Miller is the neurologist working on this. We have contacted him and confirmed that he is indeed working on our exact genetic condition, and that he is hoping to get the human test phase(1) underway sometime this fall. We can not take part in test phase one, as they are looking for people that have been freshly diagnosed, and also U.S citezens. Phase(2) will occur when/if phase(1) is successful and will include my sister's and myself in some way shape or form. I can not express to anyone how much of a "light at the end of the tunnel" this is for me. I have just moved into a condominium bymyself, and the kind of thoughts running through my head have been dark indeed. Not suicidal, just dispair at how things were/are seemingly unfolding. I will try to post up information here as I get it, but as the first phase of the study will not get underway until the fall at the earliest, information will be at a premium for a little while at least.
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    l4d s/n

    /bump Who is doing the invites for the GC steam community? I play L4D periocdically and would like to join the group.
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    l4d s/n

    I could use an invite for this please.
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    1st google I did revealed a top secret pirates-only flag store. Have fun pirate flags
  5. My post was a little mean spirited, I'm sorry SJ. I was in a very foul mood last night, that's no excuse though. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your loved ones.
  6. Seriously? ........? I'll take the heat for this, they are well into they're 90's and have seen quite a bit of the world and, (hopefully) have a direction of where they're going. Stand by them....with great pride!! Well deserverd I'm sure no arguments there. Your uncle, on the the other hand, is a different story. Fighting for your freedom, regardless of weather what he did impacted you directly, will need your support more than your aware of. Being alone is terrible under the best of circumstantces! And someone that has fought to perserve your right of choice deserves better than that! Did he directly protect your right of choice? Maybe not, but what he did, ensured a 2nd or 3rd barrier for oppressors to get to that point! Under our lifestyle that might not seem like much, but then again our generation was gifted with freewill!! Thank your uncle!
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    Happy B-day!!
  8. Here is a puzzle connected to the game, sanctuary of secrets The puzzle itself is quite difficult, but is solveable. I will post a link that gives the answers but be advised it is a complete spoiler. **SPOILER**
  9. Yes, I'm still locked in WoW, though I'm waiting for a new content patch so I have been playing alot of other games recently, most notably my 2nd tour of duty through Fallout 3 which included the Pitt. The add on was ok, though it was a little short though. How about you Mo? What have you been up to?
  10. Xbox Live, launched November 2002 Steam, launched September 2003 I guess I stand corrected.
  11. I think I figured out the problem, thank you very much Voodoo!! The download option was greyed out when I went into the game. So I hit the "live" option, and realized this whole windows live thing is very much like steam (microsoft realizing 2-3 years after the fact of what a money maker it is I guess), but I had to start it up in game. so I did this and I'm able to get the Pitt content. Unfortunately, I guess you have to be running windows live in the backround all the time, so now it does'nt seem to recognize any of my saved games, forceing me to start fresh. Any ideas there?
  12. Ok, I bit the bullet and purchased 1k points ($14.95) the xpac is 800 points so I grabbed it. Downloaded it, nothing. Tried to find it, but could not find it anywhere except in the games for windows live area, where it shows that it is installed. Waitied in the wasteland for about 15 minutes, nothing comes up. So I "unistalled" it from games for windows live, and I'm in the process of re-installing it. Anyone have any info?
  13. It's free for PC users... I went into the widows live thing, and all I could find was xbox 360 version. and it was'nt free. Though why would 360 version be available for D/L online
  14. Is this out for PC yet? (I'm not a 360 traitor!) I tried looking for it online, but to no avail.
  15. I sense a disturbance in the force!
  16. I stand corrected, TB is just tad north of me
  17. Just checked IGN; Street fighter 4 is a PC game. They are sold out for consoles everywhere up here, (the penguins really like it )
  18. A couple of months ago GC had a retro night in which, everyone was asked to come out for some good times. I dusted off my CD's and spent about an hour D/L the game, steam and all the nessessary updates. I tried to manually punch in the GC server. No dice. Tried to find it on the server list, no dice. I spent about an hour trying to locate the server with no luck at all. I posted about it in the forum the next day, dunno if anything ever came of that or not. L4D has really caught my attention periodically, really fun game, but I have to admit WoW is the "video that killed the radio star" Supposedly SF4 was coming out for the PC but I have not seen anything at IGN, and I have not been to the local EB Games to check it out. I really enjoyed CSS in my day, but it is an aging game as posted elsewhere in this thread multiple times. Hope that helps
  19. I did'nt find any GC playing, could'nt add anyone to my friends list for some reason. Pugging is a little hit & miss, when you get a bad group it sucks. But I found it to be about 50/50 & getting a good group in this game is alot of fun. Add me, I've been playing all weekend (wayfarergc) I will be in WoW most of the day today I think though.
  20. alright, I got my name fixed, add me wayfarergc. ty ZD.
  21. Only 4 episodes, I can see why it got ditched so quickly. I don't really anticipate this game holding my interest for too long other than a quick couple of rounds now and again. But it's fun right now!
  22. Though this noob is pretty mean with a shotgun I might add!! How do you change your name? & lets go splat some zombies!
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