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  1. Sometimes an umbrella is just an umbrella...
  2. (emphasis added) I don't know about y'all, but I think I'm going to keep my ideas to myself...
  3. LOL what? Doesn't work quite like that...cigarette smoke leaves a very fine dust which is known not to effect electronic components unless left for years and even then the small particles don't clump unless moisture is introduced. *cough!* That smell is dust burning. I've seen enough electronic equipment (including several HW-101s for any Amateur Radio ops out there) that has resided with smokers for anywhere from a year or so to decades, and while they all ran to some degree they ALL had the cigarette smell. Perhaps there's enough moisture in the air? Regardless, it's hard to argue against the yellow haze built up on the exterior of these electronics packages. Perhaps frequent cleaning may prevent that from being an issue?
  4. Undies -- Wow, what model Dell monitor was that? I've never seen anything like that using VGA on a Dell LCD, but I'd be interested to know which one gave you problems.
  5. Sorry you got busted, if he was truly just being a jerk as you indicate he sounds like a real winner who will make lots of friends But, let's reconsider this: Illegal is a pretty strong and relatively meaningless word. Perhaps against University rules, but the R.D. is not a police officer and they don't have to worry about throwing out evidence they gained through questionable or even outright illicit ways because the University is not a court of law. In fact, while in the dorms you are on their property, and they can do all sorts of things which they tell you they won't do. While he sounds like a real turd sandwich, you don't get afforded the protections a citizen gets from the government, even if it's a local or state school. Not trying to reprimand you, but warn you for the future. Lots of college-aged people think they can get by on technicalities or say, "You can't do that," but the bottom line is most of the time they can, and when they can't you usually don't have much in the way of legal recourse. Watch your bottom, because it can be real easy to get in big trouble these days, and there are enough jerks in R.D. and administration positions to make it a real pain.
  6. I imagine this is how Les Miserables would have turned out if Victor Hugo were an MMO player: JVJ24601: "D00d! i cant have 1337 stuffz if i dont pay teh farmz0rs for gold! yer game is brkoen i had no choise." Admin: "Tough, buying gold is against the EULA. I don't care if the game is unplayable, you still broke the law. Let them buy cake." Thenard: "oh my pwnt lolol!" Enjolras: "I'm starting a blog to whine about this game! It's like a revolution, only we're still paying to play and instead of bloodshed in the streets there's whining on an ineffectual public forum with effectively no barrier to entry! They'll HAVE to give us what we want! Can you hear the people mope?" M4R|V5: "Man, this game still sucks and I'm still paying for it. So many people typed up whiny posts but nothing changed! When will it all end? What will be the cost to players everywhere? *Mope*"
  7. I'm definitely on board with everyone else here: That Dell 24" is an excellent choice in monitors. There is also the 27": http://accessories.us.dell.com/sna/product...mp;sku=222-7315 That's probably a bit above the budget, plus it's 27", which depending on your workspace may be a bit big, but they are worth every penny if your workspace can support it and you are comfortable working with a monitor that size. Otherwise, the 24" can handle the same resolution.
  8. I guess they'll have to buy their own towels?
  9. No way, man. I'm all about some alacrity golf!
  10. Seriously? One monitor? He should have at least two for $10k...Maybe that's where you can put the leftover $...
  11. Targus ftw. I don't know about Wegner, but I do like the Targus stuff. Sorry to hear you have to explain everything, so you're probably not going to get it internal, but for $10 it would have been so much easier. No dongle to lose or break off, no risk of damaging a USB port, but it's not THAT big of a deal as long as you're paying attention. I'm sure you'll enjoy it either way, a little dongle shouldn't ruin your laptop experience.
  12. Is it something that can go in a book? Are you familiar with Lulu?
  13. That's where I was, and I like the simple answer, but there are some pretty compelling connections with some interesting ramifications, not just socially among the heroes but in terms of what kind of powers they have. If Linderman is Kensei, then there is a way for people to live a long time in this world...What is that? Is it power-related? Some kind of power-chemical hybrid? Just a fun road to go down. Fair enough, when I go over what I write I tend to be risk-averse when it comes to possible spoilers. I guess I didn't want to link them together in case someone hadn't seen the episode, but I guess that wasn't that big a deal.
  14. Maybe that's part of the disconnect. My car cannot hit 165, nor do I care for it to. If I had a nicer car that could do things I neither need nor want, I wouldn't feel any better about it. Likewise, I don't over-purchase my PCs. Sure, I build headroom in so that I can use it five weeks later without it dragging, but I doubt my old lumbering lummox of a machine would quickly open all of my apps and I'm okay with that.
  15. $10k is a waste. Is he going to run Windows 2k3 server? If not, he's going to have to run Large Address Aware to get more than 2GB per game session, which is apparently pretty flaky seeing as most games AREN'T Large Address Aware: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/555223 http://msdn2.microsoft.com/en-us/library/aa366778.aspx Of course, he could have one heck of a multitasking machine with 64-bit Windows. The desktop environment is simply not built to make use of that much machine. I say buy him a Mac Pro with one heck of a display, boot camp it and pocket the remaining, oh, $6k. Or build a $4k PC, whatever. $10k on a desktop is obscene.
  16. That would lend even MORE credibility to your theory, though, wouldn't it? But if this is truly an evolutionary thing like Mohnider's (sp) father believed, that's one heck of a jump. I prefer the simpler theory as well. Okay, so two separate people each get their picture with the same symbol on it, and both come to the same conclusion independently: They will die soon. The implication is both will be killed. Clearly this symbol has a very real meaning to them. Why? And to Mav: 1) Remember the future episode last season? Future Hiro is not the same Hiro we know today. Well, was, at that point. The point remains, he will evolve as a character, and I don't put this as out of reach. 2) Pride comes before the fall. Let's see what happens when he becomes the greatest hero of Japanese legend. I also think I can explain why he would have confronted them with a gun: Why give away the fact that you have powers, when a gun could be just as intimidating? Heck, he went most of the season without giving an indication he had any powers, our personal suspicions aside. Of course, one would think if he were Kensei then after centuries of fighting he would have been a bit more thorough with DL, but again, it could simply have been carelessness.
  17. I would do the same thing. Also, sucks that you've had fraudulent bids. That doesn't help.
  18. I've never had an issue with Dell machines, especially their laptops, though stay away from their online tech support. Worthless and slow.
  19. +1000 There's only one problem with that, and I'm not sure how to fix it. If we keep paying outrageous prices... *ding ding ding* Pricing that way is similar to cable -- People grumble about it left and right, use it to justify all sorts of things, but at the end of the day enough people still pay the bill that the companies can justify it. Maybe the prices aren't outrageous to a large enough group that those of us who think they are get left out of the market.
  20. If similar laptops are going for $2000, perhaps its not the machine but how it's being sold? I'd compare my auctions with theirs and see what's different. Are they paying for any of those special listing services? Do they lay out their descriptions differently? Use key words you don't? Don't use key words you do? Use deceptive practices? I'd try to be more like them. Of course, it could also be a fluke. Just because my neighbor just got $200k for his house which is smaller and in worse condition than mine doesn't mean I can expect $210k. Perhaps fair market value is only $180, my neighbor just happened across a couple of really interested buyers who started a bidding war. Fair market value goes right out the window goes right out the window at that point. Best of luck, be prepared for the long haul if you're holding out for the right buyer and I hope you get what you want for it in the end.
  21. But it's pretty darn slick. Not my taste, but dang nice.
  22. I didn't go to the site, but I hear that there's a Jamie that is being offered for free. This better not be another "Free Tibet" scam. Free, pssh. You know how much money people sank into THAT?
  23. is this bridge you speak of aesthetically pleasing? is it a nice pretty anodized silver color? does its operating system crash less often than other bridges? if so...do want. I'll draw up the Quit Claim deed...
  24. Definitely get the upgraded screen, and you should seriously consider the battery. Honestly, a 17" laptop is a pretty big beast, I think you may end up happier in the long run with the 15.4" for portability. If you think that's too small, you can always buy yourself a nice 20-22" LCD monitor ($200ish) and a full-sized keyboard ($3-$???) to set up at home / carry to large gaming events. A 17" isn't impossible to carry around, but it is large. But definitely get the high-end screen, it is beautiful and you can't change that later...easily. Or cheaply. Dell Outlet isn't as good a deal as it used to be, and I have no clue if the discount applies (I imagine not, but I don't know), but get an idea in mind, keep an eye on it, and let your parents know now. Good deals can be nabbed pretty quickly, so you will have to move fast, and the only way to do that is to have everybody on board and ready to go, and start looking now. You can do really well there. Good luck and enjoy!
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