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Idiots Array 07


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Should have a Lan site up in next week or so. I bought the address. My guy is working out a few kinks in what we wanna do the addy is www.IA07.com Tho. Until its up all details are in the VI forums. Could use some help with figuring out sponsors from yous mmmm guys if anyone reads this tho.

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I'm going.


So if you read this and you aren't going then you better have a darn good explanation, or else Ty and I will find you slip u a roofie take pictures and post them on GC/VI forums.


O and I don't make threats only promises.. lol




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Time is getting short but for $50 you get a ticket, food and a chance to meet most of the VI crew and many others. We have about 23 people that have paid and about 10 more that say they will be coming as well. This is a great opportunity to play some CS live and in person with members of the community over the Memorial Day Weekend. For info visit us at:



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