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GC Rules/Code - Updated April 2024


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There shall be no special treatment to admins.

If anyone notices an admin breaking rules and not held to account for it, reach out to any of the Board Members with evidence.


   1. Inappropriate posts, comments, statuses, or pictures should result in posting and commenting privileges being revoked or flagged to require approval prior to posting.

        a. Includes targeted harassment, obscenity, or other obnoxious behavior.

        b. Posting privileges should be revoked for up to 30 days, depending on the severity and frequency of the offenses.

        c. The post in question may also be removed, if necessary.


    1. Chat language should be family-friendly.

        a. Same way GC has been for many years, keep it clean.

            i. Admins shall first warn the offender, if they offend again within a short period (~2 hours), they will have their chat restricted from use for up to 24 hours.

            ii. If someone has a continuous issue follow this rule, admins should apply the following repercussions after each time:

                - 1 hour chat restriction.

                - 1 day chat restriction.

                - 1 week chat restriction.

                - Beyond this, we will consider bans or extensive chat restrictions.

    2. Excessive trolling (including stacking), griefing, suiciding, harassment, spamming chat, and obnoxious or obscene behavior (inappropriate sprays, racism, sexism, etc.).

        a. This rule requires some discretion and careful judgement by admins, since some things are fine between friends when it’s mutual, but when it’s one-sided, that’s not acceptable.

        b. The offender must always be warned once after the first occurrence.

            i. If it occurs again in a short period (~2 hours), further actions should be taken.

               - If these offenses are taking place via the in-game chat, the offender should have their chat restricted (aside from commands) using the same guide as Rule 1.

               - If the offenses take place in gameplay, they should be banned for up to 7 days at a time, depending on the severity of the offenses.

                  # If you can't follow the rules of the game, you can't play the game.

                  Note: Rushing shall be handled by plugins.

                   * In cases where a player intentionally circumvents the system, admins can warn, kick, or ban for up to 24 hours, at their discretion.

         c. Inappropriate usernames are not allowed. You will be renamed and asked to avoid using such names in the future.

             i. Failing to adhere to this rule many times will result in a ban of up to 7 days, at the admin's discretion.

    3. Cheating.

        a. This includes macros, addons, software, etc. that provides players with an unfair advantage over others.

        b. Certain exploits in games can also be considered cheating, such as:

            i. Attacking from an area where you cannot be hit back, like under the map.

            ii. Going out of bounds of the typically allowed map.

         c. Other exploits which rely on individual skill should not be considered cheating, unless enabled by the methods mentioned in (3-a). These exploits include:

             i. B-hopping (single keypress).

             ii. Quick-switching etc.

             iii. Fall damage mitigation using explosives, revives, etc.

             iv. Ledge-prevention (by holding jump).

             v. Tank Haymakers.

         d. The offender should first be warned if the offense is minor.

             i. Like noticing a player b-hop scripting.

         e. Cheating should result in a ban of up to 14 days, depending on the severity of the offense.

             i. Aimbotting and wallhacking would be the most severe.

             ii. Scripting or attacking from unreachable places are relatively minor.

Off-platform / outside of official GC spaces:

No rules, go crazy.

We believe people have a right to express themselves as they see fit when outside the domains of the GC community.

Admin-Specific Rules and Notes:

We do NOT punish, kick or ban for:
    1. Not using points.
       a. Try to educate them on it but do not insist they use them.
    2. Not buying a tank, witch or upgrade you want them to buy.
    3. “Stealing points” by shooting infected or stealing kills as infected.
        a. Yes it’s bad sportsmanship, but sometimes it’s not on purpose. Just play the game.
If a user joins with an inappropriate name, rename them and warn.
   a. This should not result in a ban 99% of the time for first-time or rare offenders, and especially not a permanent ban.
   b. Follow the guide of In-Game Rule 2 for punishments.

Regarding bot vocal spam:
   a. Use the /vocalize command to be sure someone is really spamming. If the vocals fill your text field, it might be spamming. Otherwise it is not.

Do not kick or ban another admin without bringing evidence to the board for a discussion.
   a. You may do this anonymously if you wish.

Do not argue on the server with another admin.

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