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775 heat sink fan

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I found the above link for installing a heatsink fan (stock Intel). The installation of the fan starts around 3:37 and ends around 5:42.


The manual for my Intel fan for my q6600 advised a certain order when pushing in pins. For example, if I pushed in one pin, the next pin to push in would be the one diagonal from it, not the ones located on either side of it. So when I pushed in the one in the lower right corner, I pushed in the upper left corner next (something like that). I dunno if that's the correct way to do it (the diagonal order), but that's what the manual outlined for me. :shrug03: Maybe that's why your pins keep pushing up. What does your manual say?


I'm sure other guys here know better though. I've only installed a fan once. :unsure:

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I do push them in diagnoally. Unfortunatley when I push one in (it locks) but then when pushing in the second the locked one pops out because I have to apply too much pressure. I finally got it to lock all four but it was like a trial and error game. I studied the locking devices on it and nothing too complicated. You push, the tab expands locking it into the hole.


I think they are just a sucky design.



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