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Aion Griefing is Possible?


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I have a story to share, and I'll try to write this in a way that's non-MMO person friendly.


So last night I'm in an area known for getting great equipment drops and experience. The problem is that it takes awhile for these harder-than-average ("elite") monsters to spawn. Basically, there's room for 1 person to be there comfortably, or 2 if they share.


I show up there, and there's one person there. No biggie, we can share (or so I thought). He was there first, so I let him take the next elite monster that spawns. Then he comes back, and another one appears. He goes for that one too, but ends up catching the attention of two other elite monsters - he's probably going to die or escape by the skin of his teeth. So he runs away, the monsters reset. I take it, and he immediately attacks it too.


Now this guy has his character at level 39 - mine is 36. That means he has the advantage - he has more health, can do more damage, has additional abilities available to him, etc. The way Aion is set up, whoever does more damage in this scenario gets the credit for the kill - they get the drops, but experience is shared. He gets the credit for the kill.


I attack another one, and he goes after that one too. And another. And another. So I ask "what's your deal? Please attack your own monsters". He responds with "you started it". Mature, right? So I ask for a truce, since if he thought I stole one, he's stolen 4 of mine. He doesn't say anything, and goes after another one of mine.


It's a bully!


At least I'm still getting some experience from the kills, but he's getting all the stuff. So it's like I'm just helping him farm cool equipment, and he gets all the rewards. He's also rubbing it my face "thanks for helping me get all this great gear!" I decide to see if I can out-damage him, even though it's heavily stacked in his favor. So I start attacking monsters he's working on. I bring out all the big guns I have (even though his should be bigger). And somehow I get the credit for one! And another. And another. In fact, we roll through about 10 this way, and he keeps asking how I'm out-damaging him. I'm not entirely sure, but MAN! Was that an awesome feeling. Incidentally, with the first kill I got credit for, I got a rare item.


It's like I was the third grader beating up the fifth grade bully.


So have any of you had similar experiences? Something where you triumphed in seemingly insurmountable odds?

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that's very possible, when I was farming MM elites awhile back, this 39sorc would try to KS, (I was still 36), sadly for him he would fail horribly. he wanted to have the whole place to himself to grind so I kept at it, he wouldn't stop. 5mobs later he decides to leave (comes back again 10mins later to see if I was still there) and he runs away lol


pretty much just knowing how to play your character and using the right skills can outdmg anyone, that or he had some poopty gear. He pretty much never came back afterwards :luxhello:

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Yeah, especially as a fellow sorc! Wow.


This other guy was a ranger - I had heard that they rely more on burst DPS, and sorcs are better at sustained DPS. I thought it would even out because all of their abilities are instant, while ours mostly take 1-3 seconds to use. He could just lead those monsters around without snaring them, and I could never keep up. He never figured that out either.


And for those that aren't into MMO's, I'll translate Sedah's post:

sorc = sorcerer/sorceress, a caster class

DPS = damage per second

MM = Mist Mane (the area where these elite monsters were)

KS = kill steal

grind = repeatedly killing the same monsters to get experience/gear

poopty = the skills of that sorc that couldn't out-DPS Sedah :P

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