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Guild Wars 2 Gameplay Video


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Urgh, need to find time for this :(


edit: Those are some pretty informative videos, I must say


Yea I like how Warriors work in this game. In WoW, Warrior got boring. Run in, pull Aggro and you could just auto attack and walk away. At least you can use a wide variety of weapons for each Class, and makes more sense as well.


I cant wait for TotalBiscuit to give a more in depth analysis than the videos shown, since he wants to record 24hours of footage from two people.

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If they make this anything like GW1, but with WAYYYY more stuff, its going to be awesome. I put in many a hundred hours into GW1, but not entirely sure if im goig to get this along with Diablo 3 and CS:GO coming out.


I dont know what GW1 was like, but everything is instance, you can switch "channels" or whatever on the fly, each area has a unique quest line upon entering a zone (which can get pretty long), supposedly a large skill variety, max level is 80 instead of 20, no grinding required to reach the max level. Each Major Server (North America, South America, Europe) fights for major resources, I assume monthly or weekly (Think like Final Fantasy XI where Nations fight for Area Control). There is no "end gear" say in WoW you do endless raids to fight bosses repeatedly to get the best of the best, that stuff is costume stuff instead, end gear would be stuff you find or craft. In that WoW vs GW2, PVP is more skill based, upon going into a PvP Arena, everyone has the same armour and generic weapons, its based on skill more than "My stats are better = you dead"

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Added Guardian Hands-On Indepth Overview


Character cinematics by TotalBiscuit:




Also, his staff will be doing a commentary playthrough of the beta this weekend I believe


Character Creation Overview


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