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  1. if points were an issue, and with everyone seemingly knowing how to get points fast, this wouldnt hold them back at all Good idea still
  2. i forego the need for typing the !np part, i just say the number i need. less keys to press equals more time to concentrate on the game. Also, for me, typing !sp #, or whatever the damn command is, is quicker than going into the menu, looking for the name, sending points....and i hate binds you know, when i did play
  3. lol. i dont even know who this mad villain guy is
  4. screw it. nerf the hunter entirely. no matter how high, how far the pounce is, all you get is 2 points oh, and im on board for the "banned if missed with charger". Im not going to say any names, but i think i need to enroll in that guys school for getting guaranteed death charges
  5. come again? Thats what she said
  6. This was stated long ago, its the reason no one ever shoots up through the top anymore
  7. 20 points isnt pricey, if anything thats kinda cheap to me
  8. sorry to hear this sky. not much as to say except follow the advice given by what was said here. you got this bud
  9. MasterTalpa


    this would make more sense if i knew who san was
  10. Now that dota internationals are over, i can actually play another game

    1. Snowflake


      I was wondering where you have been!

    2. TheDude


      There are other games?

    3. MasterTalpa


      yeah, dota 2 and dota 2 reborn

  11. it was just admins crashing, so were good
  12. only if pump can teach me how to charge
  13. the transition looks good so far, brown hair looks good
  14. Woman, that was a few weeks ago. Let it go. NEEEVARRRRR ;D refresh my mind again
  15. time and place son. well whem im not working that is
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