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Guild Wars 2 - World vs World


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From what I understand, WvW is basically AB on steroids right? I tried it a few times but that was during the beta when I had no idea what was going on. Well, I still don't but I know a little more. I still really want to check it out, but it drags my computer down just a litle too much.

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Yes, it can be pretty demanding on your system. It's funny, there was a thread on Reddit about this. Apparently for perf reasons, ANet chose to limit the number of characters you see in WvW. Thus if a very huge group is coming at you, your game might only render a portion of that group. You won't know the full size until the group is on top of you :)

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I played some last night. Once I understood how supply worked it all made a lot more sense. I still suck at PvP though. I just spent an hour or so pulling enemies off of walls with the Necromancer chilling hand ability and letting my teammates slaughter them.


Hahaha I hate when people pull me off of the walls when i am defending.

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