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Any Necros here?


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Hmm, that's sounds like no fun... haven't tried necro myself. Maybe you'll want a class with no pets, then? I've played Warrior and Guardian so far, they have no way to lose mobs except by running. Thief/Mesmer maybe? Law says those two are the most annoying to deal with in WvW.

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My necromancer is currently level 67. I had a condition build and never used pets, but I'm trying different things now, keeping PvP in mind. Right now I'm using double daggers and concentrating my skills and traits on life steal. My daggers aren't great because I just switched so I bought one from a vendor and my armor is still all condition armor, but over time I'm going to slowly move to precision and critical hit chance. So yeah, basically building my Necromancer like a Thief.

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Nah, I didn't play until live.


I may go warrior. I've always been a squishy. I was a Lock in WoW too. From what I've read, Necro will have some tweaks in later patches.


I'm just tired of panicking whenever I pull more than 2 mobs.. Or rather, when my PETS pull more than 2 mobs, then DIE because they DON'T REGENERATE between fights.... AARRRRRGH.


Edit: The Flesh Golem (read puller of all mobs in a 4 mi radius) does regen, but my other 7 pet classes do not.

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