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diablo3 expansion discussion

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Q: I'm curious, because they say you want to redo all the legendary items, then forged legend is also included in the patch / expansion area of ??discussion in? I do not know diablo 3 gold if anyone has asked yet, if someone asked, I seek a reliable answer.


A: We have indeed discussed in the expansion adding new legendary items can be forged, but what we have not really plan. What you hope to forge legendary items? If you can completely control the system, how to achieve what you want?

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Meh, we'll see how the expansion goes. Took forever to get the gear I have for my barb. If it's all for naught when the expansion comes out, I think i'm done with this game.

I dont think an expansion will fix it. Ask yourself, do Expansions fix WoW? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

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