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Was this really needed? (Complaint)


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So, earlier while playing on one of the L4D2 servers.


Derpz asked if I get off the team cause he was AFK.


I replied "I'm not leaving the team, you left, I joined."


I didn't mean to sound mean. But was that really necessary


to kick me for "attitude."


(No idea who kicked me, 2 maybe more admins were online)

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I kicked you.


You knew the server was full of members.

You were waiting until one would leave, as is normal in that situation.


Derpz went afk for a second so he could pass the tank, and you immediately joined and took his spot.


Deprz "gaming denny can you please leave you took in my spot because I went afk bc tank"

Danny "I'm not leaving."

Danny "You left, I joined."


See our rules about attitude.  I can point you to them, if you need help. 

Don't be rude again.



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Some people really don't like playing the tank, either because they lack confidence in their skills, they can't be bothered or they worry that doing badly will incur the wrath of their team


Except for the first reason, the other reasons only show why passing the tank by going afk shouldn't be allowed. 

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