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Reminder about how we treat new players....


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We have no tolerance for treating new players poorly.  New players are always welcome to GC, our games and our servers.  Lately I have noticed more and more people complaining about new people in game talk or chat.  This is just a reminder that you will be kicked or banned for this behavior.


Everyone should be welcoming new players and trying to teach them how to play.  Getting more people to learn this game and become regular players is important also to help keep this game thriving.


As long as someone is not rushing or "griefing" in some way (on purpose or unintentionally), they are welcome to play.  They do not have to use the menu, they do not have to communicate, they do not have to "spit and die", they can "shop" all they want, etc.  If they are purposely allowing themselves to be killed or consistently refusing to make forward progress or actually heading backwards on the map, then they are griefing and should be dealt with by an admin.  Other than that, they can play how they want.


You are not required to send them points, save them if they are not listening and if saving them will wipe out your team, etc.  But you definitely are not allowed to ridicule them.


Also admins should be helping them.  If an admin is ridiculing new players or encouraging players to ridicule them or to allow them to die, the admin will lose admin privileges. 


Please feel free to ask me questions if this is not clear.

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Hi Peanut, what did you mean here?


" ...and if saving them will wipe out your team, etc. "



Edit: oh, i think you meant we aren't required to, if that's the case(?). I was reading it wrong. 

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If someone is new, not listening to the team about what to do and where to go, this is not a reason to ridicule them or kick them from the server.  But if they get incapped in an area where you clearly can not help them without getting yourself and others incapped, you are not required to go try to help them.  Usually I would anyway, but there are things you are not required to do, such as sending points.


There is a difference between not sending a new person points, because you think they dont know how to use them or wont use them wisely and berating them because they are not using points "...you have 15 points! just heal! learn the buy menu or stop playing here!"


There is a difference between telling someone "...going up in the tower will probably get you killed" and screaming at them "WHY WOULD YOU GO IN THE TOWER!? YOU DESERVE TO DIE!"

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Shafee always has the best questions.  Usually I get them in steam friend chat.  Maybe we should start a post for Questions From Shafee and add a question each day for people to ponder and debate.


Hi Peanut, I don't understand what that means. 







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