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  1. Ohh, I see. That's a great deal. I hope I find something along that price.
  2. @Merc - Thank youuu! @Looney - Thank you so much! Refurbished stuff would help out a lot with my budget. Currently, I see it costs $850, right not now I can't buy that but I will keep a lookout for a cheaper deal from them. Thank you!
  3. Hi all. Hope you are all well! Sadly, my (mac) laptop is slowly dying, also unable to support other games and most importantly my work/education in design. It overheats and crashes or gives me a blank screen when turned on sometimes. So, its still somewhat useable but I need to get a new laptop before it dies completely (since I live in an apt. with almost no space and a family, can't get a desktop), I was wondering if you can suggest something midrange? I don't have a lot of savings for this, and if you are in the mood for gifting, you can do so here: https://www.gofundme.com/trying-to-buy-a-midrange-laptop but don't have to. Thank you for reading! My birthday passed and here are some nudes for you. Enjoy! <3
  4. ituly


    maybe the molotov's dmg against witches can be lessened where it hurt the witch way less?
  5. - Point giver: The people who gives out the most points above X gets extra 10 points? - A map where there's only deadly witches? Haha No tanks, and deadly witches would cost 25 points there, instead of 30
  6. WHAT THE truck? Im one of the winners? Meng, did you take pity on me because I have one game? LOL Anyways, thank you! <3
  7. I came to the GC on May 2014. I found out L4D2 was free to download so I did. It was my 1st PC game. After finishing playing it, my friend suggested to play on servers, which I had no idea what they were. That's how I found out about GC servers. Since I was a newb to the whole servers thing, i had no idea what they were capable of. I didn't know how well they can be customized. My 1st day was horrible, I remember rushing and was told not to rush...to be honest, I didn't know what rushing meant, lol (totally a newb). I also remember getting INcapped and mae keeps telling other players to leave me if I can't use points! (Grr!) Haha. I didn't know there was such thing as points on a server, it was cool to find out how much a server can be customized! Moving forward I got my 1st ban by the turbo, this was wrong of him since he was supposed to kick me - not ban me (i wasn't given any warnings). I got banned for cursing at the bots...lmao, they were really annoying, gosh. But though mistakes, I learned a lot. I met some really friendly people. I like the small talks and poking fun at each other, its something nice! Haha People are generally friendly here. Honestly, this is the only game i have downloaded.....HAHA, so it's my only option. xD Playing on the GC server helped me a lot of times. I was once in a very dark place and going there, talking to people and playing made me feel better even if it's a little. It's my escape when I'm not doing well in the real world. Everytime I go on the servers, its always fun. There was this one game remember very clearly. My team was good but the other team had all the high lvl players, so to stop them we basically had 100s of dangerous witches, haha, it was funny to see how many times the other team had to defib. xD This is hard...hmm, the song I would say is Gangnam style..lol, because it's fun and surprising. For next year, I want to become a better person than this year. For GC, maybe try to apply for being an admin? I want to get better at tanks. ;_;
  8. Aw ^ Will event last 5pm - 10 pm then?
  9. whaaattttttt. which grill are you talking about????
  10. Im going to make you all some grill cheese sandwiches as thanks!
  11. I never heard of this. 2 v 2 bot herding ?
  12. Peanut took a break and it broke my heart so i stopped playing
  13. Where do we insert the binds that InspectorCallahan mentioned ?
  14. Hi Peanut, what did you mean here? " ...and if saving them will wipe out your team, etc. " Edit: oh, i think you meant we aren't required to, if that's the case(?). I was reading it wrong.
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