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  1. xoxoxoxoxxoxoxoxoxoxxoxo to Mexico <3
  2. Max, I'm very happy to know you are okay! I hope the best for Ripajes!
  3. Wow. That was awesome that you texted her, IMO. I hope she gets back to you. Life isn't forever; but mended hearts bring peace. <3 Atta girl!
  4. LOL @ Architect! That's hilarious!
  5. This pays out when I'm only able to boom one survivor lol *EDIT Why am I in the vote?!! Dammit JACKIE.........
  6. That is my life, in a nutshell LOL
  7. Woah, I think Johnny should be banned for that one!! XD It's clear I'm innocent in that clip!
  8. SAN, those both say "yes" to ban me!!!! Did I ever mention how much I <3 everyone here??!! lol
  9. LOL, oh no, I'm in trouble!!!!
  10. Wrong. It's cuz I wasn't there to be carrycarried. FTFY BM!
  11. Wrong. It's cuz I wasn't there to carry.
  12. Remain focused on the topic at hand, Mr. Peanut Gallery. Happy Birthday to Looney, too!
  13. A little birdie told me that today is your birthday! Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. Is there a shortcut? i.e., !unpin
  15. There will definitely be maps where there is an "early" tank if you decide to go with it.
  16. I've gotten better; those videos are old lol.
  17. DiXie


    Oh Mylanta!!! I laughed so hard just now!!!
  18. Oh no. You mentioned a long history of you and your mom parting ways; I hope you guys are able to reconnect... I'm sorry my friend. xoxoxoxo
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