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Clearing a misunderstanding

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As the title reads there was misunderstanding.


Started with death charging peanut and xmega, peanut was healing xmega next to the cliff(see pic 1) to which i said(see pic 2) he could have healed the guy in a safe spot like next to a tree or a corner safely away from the cliff.


There were rushers on both teams, the first was on peanut's team(see pic 3) which he cleared as being ok(see pic 4) the rusher was mercman.

We also had a rusher, Sharpeye and as a result we get teleported back(see pic 5) no complain so far, then we get teleported again(see pic 6) like 10 seconds after the first for rushing when the WHOLE team had just made it to the alarm door to which i voiced my complain(see pic 7).


That complain was NOT aimed at my team but to how the situation was being handled, many times i have seen the admins go afk and simply spec the rusher and then proceed to kick him but that did not happen this time, it may have after i left.





pic 1https://www.dropbox.com/s/9qsi5hq8i0575o2/2017_02_25_21_43_06-ses.mp4_snapshot_08.36_%5B2017.02.25_22.30.12%5D.png?dl=0


pic 2 https://www.dropbox.com/s/i3sjei5la5vbvk7/2017_02_25_21_43_06-ses.mp4_snapshot_08.58_%5B2017.02.25_22.32.51%5D.png?dl=0


pic 3 https://www.dropbox.com/s/4xjsg6dclki8rat/2017_02_25_21_43_06-ses.mp4_snapshot_14.39_%5B2017.02.25_22.38.25%5D.png?dl=0


pic 4https://www.dropbox.com/s/4xjsg6dclki8rat/2017_02_25_21_43_06-ses.mp4_snapshot_14.39_%5B2017.02.25_22.38.25%5D.png?dl=0


pic 5https://www.dropbox.com/s/l5bp9c2vneemvu6/2017_02_25_21_43_06-ses.mp4_snapshot_17.27_%5B2017.02.25_22.40.20%5D.png?dl=0


pic 6 https://www.dropbox.com/s/fzdcr1zjcz4885o/2017_02_25_21_43_06-ses.mp4_snapshot_17.49_%5B2017.02.25_22.41.27%5D.png?dl=0


pic 7 https://www.dropbox.com/s/o9wmk88abpu3vav/2017_02_25_21_43_06-ses.mp4_snapshot_18.02_%5B2017.02.25_22.41.56%5D.png?dl=0


This is not an apology nor am I looking for an apology since i believe nobody was at fault here.

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Someone complained that there was a rusher on your team.  I tried to get just the rusher, but since no one typed his name, and I could only go by what I heard, I typed it in wrong.  It is not easy to get the name quickly and react before the game is changed for both teams.  I was also playing, while doing my volunteer admin duties to make the server a fun place for the rest of the people.  When I had the incorrect name, I decided to teleport the group back a small bit, while I got him.  Because of the rusher, and because I was trying to find out who it was, I was unable to play and it cost me (and thus my team) spawns, which gave the survivor team a nice advantage and helped them miss the choke points.  The second teleport, after I finally dealt with the rusher helped even things out for the two teams.  Based on how the round ended for both teams, it seems I made the correct decision.  I am not going to let 1 rusher destroy a round and lead to everyone complaining, leaving, etc. 


You were banned because I will not accept a comment like that about myself or any other admin.  If you have a problem with the way a situation is dealt with, you can contact me directly, you can post here, or you can send in on report system here on the website.  However, comments in the server about it will not be allowed.  If you had asked why, instead of calling it a joke, I would have answered you in game or outside of the game.


As far as the comments about Mercman are concerned, your intent was obvious.  As far as I knew/saw, he was in the front of the group and was pulled by a smoker.  He had not gone up to the event, like the rusher on your team did.  Whether or not he was actually rushing I am not 100% sure, because I only saw him after the smoker had pulled him.  Try not to think that I see everything all over the map at all times.  But for you to imply that he rushed and left, after the comment about healing on the previous map, showed me you were either in a bad mood or had bad intentions. You did not say "he could have healed the guy in a safe spot like next to a tree or a corner safely away from the cliff" as you claim above.  Read what you typed in the screenshot.  "Heal next to the cliff.  Great idea".  Wow, real helpful comment there.  After that, and after your comment about Mercman, I was not going to deal with things in the server in this manner.  You obviously had an agenda, which is admitted to in your post above, about admins.  I certainly am not going to have someone accusing admins of general issues like this.  There are other ways you could handled either the specific complaint against Merc or your general complaint about all admins.


If you want to apply for admin and try playing this game while also dealing with rushers, people cursing, people cheating and the impatience of the people wanting them dealt with in under 1 second, please let me know and I will send you an application.


If you ever have a problem or question about any admin, including myself, do not hesitate to talk to me on it.  I am not perfect, and I make mistakes, like all the admins do.  However, I try my best to keep competitive games going.  Instead of assuming something, just try talking to me in a more civil manner.


Just remember, it is not easy to admin the L4D2 servers (and very hard to admin and play at the same time), especially when it is not full of regular players.  In addition to adminning and keeping all of the players happy, I also have the extra duty of admining the admins, making sure your memberships work properly, etc.  I do not get paid for this.  This is purely volunteer work.  Actually, I contribute a lot more financially than just about anyone, as I have helped a lot of players that did not have the money to get a membership.  I do not need to be thanked, but at least treat me with a little respect please.


The easiest rule to remember, which helps in most situations, is : "Don't be a dick"


Contact me for any questions on this or anything else. 

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